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You know it's a Monday when the bus driver turns around and asks us where we're meant to be going, exactly. [head in hands].

Actual bus driver or some mental patient just taking the bus out for a spin? To be honest, I'd never be able to tell.

My weekend wasn't much of an improvement on that. It wasn't like I didn't know better: don't drive, don't operate heavy machinery, don't go anywhere near a computer and don't attempt any housework, like, say, the washing.

Oh yeah, I turned all my washing pink. Not just a slight blush of rose pink, either, but a giant, throbbing expecting a cease and desist letter from Mattel Barbie pink. Oy. Fortunately it was just my washing, but I just don't know how, because there was nothing there that was new and the only likely culprits were an old second hand t-shirt that was so old it was bedworthy only and my piggy pyjamas which are several years old and have been in and out of washing machines across Europe without turning a hair, so I've no idea. But there it was: one entirely cherry pink load of washing. [edit: must have forgotten to toggle the hot to cold button, the old tub, and it was just a tub, only ever had a tap of cold water that filled it]

"Sooooo pink..." chortled the Peanut Gallery from the relative safety of the back door as I hung my public shame out to dry. Actually, chortled doesn't quite cover it. Laughing so hard there was snot coming out of his ears was more like it.

Thank frell the wicked witch of the west wasn't around to see it or I'd never live it down. I have never in my life effed up the washing that badly. So I returned to my first impulse, which was to retreat to my room with dvds and a cup of tea and never come out (Much never has this problem, I muttered, departing, but the Peanut Gallery retorted that one day poor Much would get one of Marian's horrid orange gowns mixed in with the Lincoln green and then'd they'd all be a little cack brown army).

Funky Squad. Finally out on dvd. I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as I remembered it. It wasn't. It was so much better. Of course, since I last saw Funky Squad I've done nothing but indulge in 60s and 70s cop shows so this time all the crazy fashions, the terrible dialogue, the Quinn Martin stings, the stilted acting and the soap opera blocking, not to mention the rent-a-plots, had me rolling around in mirth. That's probably one of the problems with Funky Squad, because to understand it requires a devout study of the source materials. Ya need to dig to dig, dig?

I just love it. More of a homage in the style of the Bullshitters than Life on Mars, it's definitely a keeper. Especially the first episode, the old Evil Student Protesters one, which was just so the Strange Report episode we'd watched the other week (the pigs just don't get the kids) I was wheezing away. My other favourite is the old Kidnapped Diplomat's Daughter one - that never gets old (snerk - and sadly I could programme a whole evening with that one plot: Special Branch, Profs, Strange Report, Sweeney...). I swear, I could slip Funky Squad into the rest of my dvd collection and no one would notice.

Other highlights included the 70s ads (OMG!) and even just the old (AO) tag that came up. It used to stand for Adults Only and it was on all the best shows when I was a kid.

Oh yeah, Funky Squad has it so perfectly, right down to the Chief behind the desk, the old boiler at the station, and the cringeworthy comedy moment at the end. You know, the "Oh...Much!" moments that have me grinding my teeth so much.

And yeah, Robin Hood is so Funky Squad. And I finally get it. People keep telling me it's a BBC kids show and I retort it's not at all because the kids shows I remember were all poe faced and joyless, as was right and proper. But I forgot that all the (AO) shows I wasn't allowed to watch (but finally did on dvd) were all stupid fights and custard pies (J'accuse Starksy & Hutch, Persuaders).

Robin Hood isn't a BBC show. It's an ITC show. And a bloody marvellous one. Why did I not see it before? The whips, the black leather, the silly hidden traps, the men in silver suits, the moustache twirling baddies. It's so ITC. It's so Emma Peel Avengers. It's so fine.

Yeah, once I get my head around it being an ITC show at heart, well, it's just fun is what it is. And thank you very much for the Hoodness, btw.

Also, and I don't know whether it's because of Jonas being such a fragile little boy or not (did the big bad Richard roughly manhandle you, dearest?), but I'm enjoying it more because there's more Guy, Will and Allan and less Robin. Not that I don't love Jonas, but the others are, well, they're very, very good and they were just being wasted last season. I prefer the more ensemble feel, I think it works. Also, giving the others something to do makes it less the RoadRunner/Coyote show it was, with the Sheriff cursing that rascly Robin every episode. Not that they've done away with it entirely, but it seems to have moved onto more of a Bond/Blofeld thing (albeit the Roger Moore years), but I can live with that.

So I tell myself the silly rooms with the snakes and the arrows are just pure Indy, which they totally were, and I can live with that, too. Or that Avengers episode, the House that Jack Built, with all the spy killing traps. That, too (and how on earth did Jonas tuck his shirt in whilst dangling so fetchingly above the snake pit? One minute we were treated to Brit boy belly, the next it was all shows over, nothing to see here, dammit).

And I can live with the kevlar armour 'cause I got to see Guy all nekkid and wet, and that can never be a bad thing, not ever. Poor old Guy. Marian really, really hurt him and I love him wearing his wounded pride on his sleeve (and it's not just me who sees more Guy/Marian sparks than Robin/Marian, because Robin, for all his puported new seriousness, is still carrying on like a posh schoolboy playing pranks).

Poor Much is still being treated like shit (and not happy about it, honestly, and if any of them had cause to go off the rails it'd be Much, bar the whole loves Robin to death thing, but love can turn to hate so easily...) and John still has no lines and the little HQ just smacks of merchandising like when they re-branded Ewoks stuff for the Costner film, but other than that, yeah, it's coming along, the little show that could.

Poor Will lost his dead Dad Dan (and just when he stopped being really embarressing, too), and the whole blind master carpenter thing was so Frank Miller Daredevil it was all I could do not to burst out laughing, but why not, eh?

Also bemused by the turning "Robin Hood" into a franchise thing. Oh Jonas, you are so replaceable (but hopefully not to be replaced by a dumb blonde - been there, done that, bought the t-shirt).

And Allan, dear, dear tortured, conflicted Allan. How much do I love this arc? Love it to bits. All those sekrit meetings with Guy in the dark backrooms of the pub (had I known I'd have brushed down the seats a bit more thoroughly in the Trip - grin - and is there an A+G carved into the ancient timbers?). How much do I love Guy turning Allan to the dark side? Lots and lots and lots (even if it does mean no more Will/Allan). Oh, I'm loving this show now. More please.

I had so much more to say but there's stuff to do so for now, pretty angsty boys! Squee! will have to suffice.

Also caught up to season six of Spooks, and that was a haul, I can tell you. Poor old Spooks, talk about replaceable, except they're not (to me, anyway, sentimental old fool that I am), but hells bells with the cast turnover. It's like their schtick, now. I suppose it adds to the dread, because in Spooks no one is ever safe.

Harry is still completely brilliant, as is old Malcolm (over they gave me such a scare over that airbase one). And PTSD!Adam, still so lickable (and bonus botty, woot!, sans the usual warnings we get here, and trust me, a nudity warning is not something you want to see flash up, ahem, before the start of Rebus or Dalziel and Pascoe). And what's with the Ros thing, which seems to have juddered to a halt as soon as it started, and what's with turning Ros traitor when she was the coolest? And poor Zaf. Though he had a Sapper Salt moment so I knew he was in for badness (it's a bit like, more than a bit like, Danger UXB, the moment one of the guys gets a whiff of character development, they're dead. If I were Allan A'Dale, I'd be worried).

Speaking of which, it was all Danger UXB on Foyle's War, but sadly no wee outlaws in WWII drag this time round.

I really loved the Thames Barrier episode of Spooks best, just for the idea of public servants going feral if nothing else. Hee. But it was a cool Das Boot kinda episode, all very contained, lots of lovely blues and reds in the lighting.

Also liked the plague one. Oh yeah, got two plagues in my tv viewing, one fake, one real. The plague count on Spooks was twee, but it worked. In RH, I just loved the way poor Much mucked in (even though he had to be terrified). Poor Much, all the work, all the blame - I so feel for him, I really do (Cinders is feeling the pain this week). I loved the carroty distraction (anachronistic carrots at that) to get Will and his bro over the barricade. Icky, but cute. I also liked John having the knowledge this time 'round, rather than it always being one of the main characters (though pity, because it was a role I gave to Much in my fic, but never mind).

Back on Spooks it was all cold bastard Adam, but open sores Adam, not so hot. I'm still not sure they rounded everyone up, but who knows whether that's relevant or not, given that plot seems ongoing.

Did I mention how much Harry rocks?

Tues: Hmmm, just had my fallen files picked up by an Adam Carter clone. They all look like Adam in that Dept. They all look like Little John in mine. Seriously.

Betwixt the three jackhammers, the anglegrinder and the industrial solvent I have a headache that'd kill a mammoth, so there's not much going on (and I had a whole big scene mapped out in my head) and I've really not even enough brain cells left to manage a "Guy...leather..." wibble before falling into a tiny little heap.

Last night I got through Grumpy Old Men and Two Men In A Trench while doing the ironing, both were hysterical, especially when the Duke of Cumberland was referred to as no stranger to the sticky bun factory. Hee. The Trench episode was all about Culloden, and damn interesting it was, too (especially as I have family associations with that place).

Poor old Supernatural was on, despite not being one of the "two reasons to watch ten" in the advertisements that night. Probably wise. It was the much hyped (in the US TV Guide at least) fairytale episode. Uh huh. Great idea, but the boys sussed it and sorted it way too soon and too easily for what could have been a great set up, and breezed over the whys and wherefores. I assume this was to get in the crossroads bit (way to go Jared, shooting your RL GF in the head, you sick puppy you) which was excellent characterwise (needy Dean and his deathwish, fed up and quite possibily evil Sam and whatever his deal is), but what a waste of a great idea, cause I was really loving the fairytales. Pure classic X Files, if you don't mind me saying.

Never mind, boys pretty, but heading for angsty meltdown, I fear. I love the bickering but I don't love the estrangement and they seem to be definitely moving in different directions this season. If they pair up with the chicks and go Winchester vs Winchester I'll be rather disappointed by the predictability of it all. Sam should just start sporting eyeliner and remove all the ambuigity right now. No, please, don't. Kidding. Though I do love how eyeliner still equals evil. The old cliches are the best.

Wed: Meant to do some scanning last night but the headache was still going VROOM! VROOM! VROOM! so I retired for a quiet night. Time Team were in Jamestown, which was kinda interesting. Re-watched eppy 2:01 of Robin Hood because all I could remember was the snake pit ala Indy and a wet and well oiled Bondage!Allan being sneered at by our favourite Man in Black. Nope, that's pretty much all this is, aside from Much and Allan's squabbling starting the whole mess (if he were any sort of a leader Robin would have stopped it before it went too far, especially knowing the prickly pride of the two men involved) and Much saved Robin again from a certain death rather richly deserved and never gets even so much as a nod or a wink and then there was some very unconvincing Robin/Marian (ooh, feel the heat, not) and Guy burnt down Mazza's house (which makes sense because Maz was always having to contrive to get into the cassle anyways).

Alas, didn't have time to watch Guy stagger about in the silver suit again but I did watch the armour plated antics over on Dr Who. It's such a shame that the cybermen are so ho hum here because they absolutely terrified me as a child. The main point of the episode, aside from the tin men, and Rose wrapping the Doc round her finger again, was Mickey acting out over his unappreciated status, and it's true, he is unappreciated and treated as a joke when it fact it is he who saves the day, but if he thinks he's got it bad he should try a day in the life of poor Much. Then he'd really know what it was like to be the tin dog.

The poor kids. They need a sidekick support group. And now I've gone to The Tick place. Oh dear me, yes. Hee.

Also, wither all those autumn leaves from the greenwood? And Jonas? Don't blink during your closeup, there's a lad. The Outlaw HQ is still screaming Ewok at me, but I'll just have to learn to live with it. I can forgive them a lot of things now that they've given Allan to Guy, all tied up with a bow (well, rope, certainly).

I was also wondering whether Vasey got planning permission for installing the outlaw tickling snakepit in a heritage building, but I'm sure, being sheriff, he had the executive powers to grant himsef a Part 3A exemption. Ahem.

Then I watched Bones. I didn't agree with the politics, but David was pretty (I'm afraid I often nod along to Hodgins when I know I'm supposed to think he's a loon).

Then, even though I really should have turned off the box and gone to bed (the whole point of leaving work, gasp, on time fer once) I stayed up and watched Life on Mars. Because I love it so. well, series one, anyway. Series two I regard as another programme entirely. I love Sam and I love Gene. I loved the concept the moment I first read about it in SFX, and I'm still stunned at how well they pulled it off in series one. To think a man watching a puppet show on telly could be so filled with angst and yearning. I still miss the original soundtrack though, especially as it was such an integral part of the show, as much a character as the cortina, etc, and fie on whomever didn't get all the releases.

Also, I amused myself (and kept myself awake) by counting how many times Gene touches Sam and vice versa. Answer: lots. They're very touchy feely, especially for two guys who have textual intimacy issues, even when, or especially when, they're at daggers drawn. And for all the hauling Sam up the stairs to apologise to Warren, Gene is so very chummy with the lad. Then there's the lovely bit where Sam catches Gene later screaming at Warren for messing with Sam. And who can forget the wonderful whisky swilling scene followed by the extraordinarily Due South-esque freezer confession (in many ways there's a lot of DS in LOM, but as I got tarred and feathered in that fandom I shall not go there).

Best of all are the disco scenes though. Heh.

Meanwhile, was bemused while reading a boring as mud interview with young Jonas where he suddenly makes a snitty remark about never going online, never ever, so there. Who, I wondered, was online and basking in the love. Has to be Armitage. Oh, poor Jonas, diddums, is The Armitage raking in more teddy bears than you?

Probably because RA comes across as very sweet, articulate and extraordinarily funny (for an actor) and did I mention as sexy as fuck? Jonas, meanwhile, comes across as one of those preening peacocks dear Jane used to rightly pillory back in the day. One of these days I hope to read an article where Jonas comes across as witty and articulate, but that day has yet to come. Richard, on the other hand...

But never mind. I don't really care to get into actor vs actor, I was just bemused at the comment and am merely guessing as to the source (though there's a lot of seen it all before in my supposition).

What can I say, I'm still wryly amused over Mr Simm's (paraphrasing here) "I never read the threads about me because that would be too narcissistic, but what about those threads about me? I have printouts!". Heh. Basically, whenever I hear an actor say "I'm never on the boards" my immediate response is: bollocks. Sour grapey bollocks.

Anyhoo, I'd much rather think happy (or dark and angsty) squishy goings on in the medieval east midlands.

And it stops me thinking about work. Don't want to think about work. Though I was bemused that one of our past "top" managers (think Patrick Baladi's character in Bodies) was suffering some degree of public disgrace in the local papers. When I say my lords and masters are bad, they're newsworthy bad (Gisborne might consider himself lightly done by, imho).


PS. I'm not being funny, but they really need to start treating Much right. That boy is getting seriously fed up and one of these days he'll be half a second late with the hero save and then where will they be?
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