mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

The Eggman Cometh

I need a coffee. Stat. True, I write better on tea but I am seriously sleep deprived. My fault for staying up late for Buffy AND Angel, two nights in a row, but it was hot last night, so hot the adhesive towel hooks on the back of the bathroom door slid down, and that was before Wesley hit the screen. Yowza. Liking the DarkWes, I must say. I always knew he had a dark streak. Much happy gurgles as I finally get to realise it on screen. Of course, Wes isn't all bad, just caught up in bad decisions and unforgiving friends (so there, man), he's just made his bed and now he has to roll in it all naked and sweaty with Lilah. Note to self: try being more evil. Oh, I did like this so, and for all the estrangement, which to my mind seemed somewhat resolved, at least between the boys, there was a lot of OTP shippiness going on, with looks, and, dear lord, blood letting. I mean, hello? Anyone not clear with the homoeroticism inherent in the Wes feeding Angel scene? Yum.

Much better than Buffy. Consensus with Bro is yes, it seemed more retreaddy than retro, as in 'remember when the show was cool?' sad kind of jumped that shark big time way, with plots that should have been discussed before now suddenly brought up, very much as though they'd gone through the dvds in search of dangling plot threads. How very fan fic of them. And before you call me a bitter old fan moaning on about how good it was and why the hell am I still watching it, well, it was good. It was exciting and new. In seasons one to three you could point to a few outstanding dud episodes, wheras in seasons 4-6 you could only point to a couple of outstandingly good episodes. Writers moved on or became distracted, new writers didn't seem to quite have the touch and the show became overly soapy, even for me. Why am I still watching? Because it was great, I'm fond of it, and much like Stargate, they occassionally still hit gold, though less often as all the good plots get used up and the actors get tired and bored.

So yeah, Buffy I'm watching out of loyalty and the hope that it'll do something interesting. Angel totally rocked and I've loving the Wesley plot. Oh, and the whole filming in Bath bit for Buffy? They filmed so little of it, and in such tight closeups that they might have well have been filming in LA. Why bother. I was so looking forward to seeing my pretty Bath, but got bugger all. Buffy, not brought to you by the BTA.

Also watched a bad, bad tv movie but it had Teryl in it and Dale Midkiff getting his gear off, which meant I was writing Buck fic all through Relic Hunter but I looked up enough to see poor Nigel was dressed up as a camp harem boy this episode, the poor lad. Maybe Nigel would have better luck pulling the birds if he'd stop being so Ealing Studios gay. I mean, really. It's like watching 70s Brit telly all over again.

After that it was the Farscape episode where Aeryn and John potter about in old makeup and then they hit the reset button. Some nice Aeryn/John stuff going on here but really not much of an episode and as for the reset button, how very Trek of them. Tsk.

Me, I'm still wearing fluffy socks and comfy shoes and catching the bus home while my shockingly bad blisters heal. Mind you, I could have walked home faster than the bus last night. Certainly some school girls overtook us as we had a glut of people congenitally unable to pay for a bus fare without fuss trying to board. Some days I'm all for the LA system of exact fare only or get the frell off my bus. Hello, we have electronic bus tickets, can these people use them, please? They're probbly all fundalmentalist christians, grrr.

In spite of comfy shoe status I dressed up a bit today, and Egg Man decided to sit up close. Eeep. Back to dowdy tomorrow. Egg Man is this very dishelvelled and disreputable looking Indonesian gentleman whom I once spied opening every egg carton in the local supermarket, giving them all a good fondle and slipping the prize ones into his rather derelict coat. Note to self: buy eggs elsewhere. Tell the manager? Are you kidding? This supermarket is so shocking everyone often has to travel to the next nearest shopping centre at least an hour away to buy milk, bread or meat. I always used to wonder why they said Russia was so bad because they had to queue for bread and petrol when growing up we had to do the very same every day and the bread was always weevily. To this day I won't eat anything without turning or tapping it. All very Aubrey/Maturin, I assure you. Those tales of weevil ridden biscuits are nostalgic rather than horrific. We only lost the weevils the last time the supermarket burnt down (the last time it remodelled). Maybe it is run by the Russian mafia, after all.

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