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Hmmm, bypassing the terrible and expensive trouble we're having with probate (and just how many letters and phonecalls do some organisations need?) and bypassing the nightmare that is work (three headkickings before 9am and counting), I shall turn instead to tv. Which I got to watch last night. Yay me.

Okay, yes, coulda shoulda been doing a hundred other things but I was knackered, fed up and my ankle was all blowed up from Wednesday's route marches, and as it chilled down a bit and sprinkled very little (we still had to dump buckets of grey water on the more ailing plants, though we lost the palm) and I just wanted to curl up with a hot chocolate and daft television. You know, something to take my mind off my troubles.

First up was Unit One, now having overtaken where I was up to on the dvds and not one I even vaguely remember. It was a bit hard and confronting with the dead old lady in the hospital bed looking exactly like my dead mother in the hospital bed (way to wrack me with nightmares all night). But other than that, slashy as (though, obviously, for me, a little harder to appreciate).

Anyway, this old flame of La Cour's shows up and Fischer immediately reaches for the pet rabbit and saucepan. I mean, I know he's the go to guy for grilling suspects so he probably can't help himself (and the lad has demonstrable impulse control issues), but, by golly, he's like a dog with a bone with poor La Cour: who is she? How does he know her? Was it serious? It just goes on and on until La Cour reluctantly reveals, in the barest scraps, that it ended badly, he has a dark side, and he's been pretty much shut down ever since. Poor angsty puppy. And because Fischer has to pull this stuff out of La Cour like pulling teeth, it doesn't feel like a sudden character bio dump but rather that La Cour has been Mr Enigmatic not because the writers hadn't figured him out yet (which I deeply suspect was true) but because he was hiding deep dark secrets, which is a lovely conceit.

Does Fischer flee? Nope. He's intrigued. And can I say, that the scene of the two boys walking down the road in their dark suits, very Reservoir, was damn sexy, so sexy I even noticed despite being upset, and this was after La Cour pretty much Jedi mind tricked his way out of an armed hostage situation, which seemed to have made a deep impression Fischer, shall we say.

I do love this show. I loathed Ingrid but the death of her partner has brought forth her brittle human side and her grief is very real. I love IP because he reminds me of an old paternal co-worker, always getting the job done. Please, give him a good woman to keep him warm at nights (I've been avoiding spoilers since I'm watching it through properly this time, and in order, and not missing episodes).

I also really like the idea of the character of Johnny Olsen, the ex-football star who now drives trucks for a living. Again, it's a great idea for a minor character (and, because he's such a deep down decent if occasionally a bit sleazy guy, I'm not yet quite sick of the "OMG it's Johnny Olsen" running gag yet. That time will come, though).

But mostly, I love Fischer and La Cour. They're what made me start watching it in the first place. Just oddly matched cop buddies, which of course, makes them perfect.

It kinda reminds me of this essay on Jekyll and Hyde I was reading that brushed up against the homoerotic overtones (which hitherto had never been mentioned before in anything I'd read, obviously I'm not reading the right essays, conversely the essay also says it could also be read as a warning against the threat of debase behaviours to Victorian sociey, it all depernds on whether one feels the author doth protest too much, but certainly it's an extraordinarily men-centric book) and described the theme (possibly autobiographical) of the unlikely yet intense friendships between the quiet sombre chaps and their exuberant, adventerous hyper masculine fuckbuddies close companions (Utterson and Enfield were particularly referenced).

It's a classic pairing, the nerd and the macho man, and it's in Unit One, and I dare say one could see it elsewhere (Life on Mars, anyone, though Sam, too, hides a dark, violent side, and I could bang on about Mr Hyde and Mr Seek but since they went nowhere with that I shan't bother).

Anyway, onto soap number two, though sadly less with the hoyay these days, especially with Ando and Hiro parted, ditto the uncomfortably close Petrelli brothers. Matt and Mohinder had a big blow up, so Matt ran off to have daddy issues with Nate, still roiling in Mummy issues. I thought for a moment they were going to wuss on Parkman Snr but no, there was no tender reunion. Thank you (though I do wonder again about the parental issues with the writers, because it seems to be all about parental disapproval, parental distrust, parental abuse, parental killjoys. Lordy, get over it, says the pot calling the kettles black).

However there was one piece of non dysfunction and that was with Micah, and I was surprised how absolutely delighted I was to see him laugh with joy as his cousin skipped rope. Damn, that was almost a whiff of maternal fondness. Lets stamp on that right now because I got no use for that rubbish, not now, not any more. Too little, too late, as they say. But it was sweet to see the kid actually be happy for a change.

Angsty city still resides wherever Pete does, though, and damn for them kiling off the guy with the least offensive Irish accent, the only one I actually liked. Nope, keep the het chick interest with the deplorable accent. Shudder. And just how much freaky biz is she gonna put up with before she skedaddles, because I can see the cracks already, and that's before her beloved brother was fried on Pete's account.

Oh, and nice use of the rain motif. Oh yes, they're law abiding film makers over on Heroes, ie, cliche city. I except a jaunt to Hong Kong to be announced by Chopsticks on the audio track. It's like watching Get Smart at times, it really is, only Get Smart were doing it with knowing irony. Poor Heroes. London will no doubt be announced by fog, bobbies and Rule Britannia. Strike a light, Guv'nor!

Ahem. Not too sure about Kirsten. I loved Veronica and right now she's still Veronica, or Veronica's evil electrifying twin, at any rate. I know she can do evil, per Deadwood, but they're right, a too familiar face does distract.

Though weirdly, Adrian Pasdar doesn't bother me any more, and besides, Profit never screened here (to the best of my limited knowledge) and Mysterious Ways sucks. It's really, really tedious. Though we had it on during tea last night and I kept laughing and saying I really belived they were in Africa and not Canada because look, they have mangoes, must have blown the budget on the mangoes, but then to our even greater amusement the mangoes turned out to be actually relevant to the plot. Not that I really cared. Witchdoctors are okay, but there was a sad lack of voodoo action, not that I was expecting any. Sigh.

Speaking of mocking tea time viewing, I forgot to mention the other day (Sunday? Monday?) we had Poirot on for a bit, just to admire the art deco stuff, but sadly lacking this ep, and that wasn't all that was lacking. As we drew up to 40 mins in, the Peanut Gallery piped up with: "I say, I don't wish to appear a stickler, but doesn't the murder mystery genre usually require, well, a murder?" Yep, mucho with the exposition and wandering about and those quaint little dangerously repressed spats the upper classes have and we were still lacking a certain something. Peanut Gallery quipped that by the end Poirot would be announcing "I bet you all really are wondering why I've gathered you all together this time...".

Alas, we'll never know because we stopped watching at that point.

And I forgot to mention what I was watching last Saturday morning which started out dreary and grey and I thought I'd gotten out of washing (alas, the sun came out at nine and my guilt free perving was over). Oh yes, perving. Back in the day when I had a disposable income, when I ordered the Austen box, I think, Amazon recommended this thing I'd never heard of but it was going cheap so why not, I thought (back in the days when I could have such thoughts). It had Richard Armitage in it. Amazon knows me so well. I'd never heard of it but it was called The Golden Hour and it was just basically Police Rescue but with a helicopter and orange jumpsuits. And Richard Armitage. In an orange jumpsuit. The man can make anything sexy, I swear. He's drop dead gorgeous in this, and so bloody earnest. The plots are very Casualty but I knew all the actors (Nav from Teachers, Ciarán from tonnes of stuff), even the guest actors, so it wasn't clunky (except for the fact that I was watching Casualty plots, but the acting and production values were very high, which no doubt accounts for there only being four episodes ever made, but did I mention Richard Armitage was in it?)

Anyway, I was craving me some RA and that fitted the bill very nicely. Mmm, yes.
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