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'It's a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography, if you're lucky.' - Alan Moore on life.

Sadly no pr0n for me. Nope, I'm living in Calvanist House, as in up at 5am on a Sunday with washing, watering and weeding all to be done before breakfast, then more work, more paperwork and stuff until midnight.

Which is why I'm knackered. Okay, so I didn't have to do the scanning, especially as it's so out of date, nor did I have to stay up and revisit Dexter (although that I kinda did have to do, as homework), but I'm just knackered.

Saturday was much the same, with muggins up until midnight trying to get the BNW together on a slow and cranky pc.

Oh, and yeah, sorry Chanel Ten. Really, really very sorry. I said I'd wait, and I meant to, as I'm nothing if not denial girl (no food, no sleep, no money, no fun), but there was this url stuck in my notes and I just put it in and mediaplayer started up and it wouldn't shut down - I actually tried, so I had no choice but to sit there and endure the pilot of Supernatural. Ooops (though as I forgot today was the day I'll not cry if I get jammed up in chaos on the way home).

So, the seven whatsits, not particularly terrifying, just rather smugly annoying and American (which I suppose is probably terrifying enough, but lacks gravitas) and very easily dispatched. We didn't even get a proper run through of them working their wicked mojo throughout the land, though points on the demon bar - very Hellblazer, just for a minute. Then very, very boring because I could care less about the annoying shouty red-shirted demon hunters. And the mystery blonde? Whatever. Very Faith, but honestly, unless the kickarse blonde in question answers to the name Cathy Gale, I don't like 'em.

That said, all I wanted was to watch Sam and Dean, which I did (and, to be honest, I coulda enjoyed Dean's hedonism for a few more episodes yet, as implied, but oh well, it is tv from the land of Puritans so I'm surprised Dean was allowed to cut as loose as he did - and traumatising poor uptight Sammy into the bargain - classic). And what is it with characters named Sam being clenched tightly at both ends, anyway?

But I digress. Also, a big yay for Bobby. I like Bobby, and I agree with whatever article I read (I'd try and give references but if you put a pin in a large jar and rattled it you'd hear a sound akin to my one remaining brain cell rattling around my empty head at the moment) that said Bobby was a far better father to the boys than their dead dad, who had like, issues. Not that Dead Dad never cared, per se, but he always seemed to be on mission, where Bobby, bless him, does seem to consider the boy's welfare, from time to time. Though what is with tv shows and daddy issues? Though I suppose it worked for the Greeks, so I should just sit down and shut up.

So, it lacked some punch, even the Sam and Dean fight at the car lacked a certain verve, but never mind, the boys are back, and, reassuringly, the episode was soothingly same old same old (perhaps almost too much so, after all my anxiety) so one can be comforted that although the studio has obviously demanded retooling, it's not that horrible 'where'd my show go' that we've all been through before (brilliantly parodied, as always, in The Simpsons).

Anyway, it might be a different viewing experience on a larger screen. Then I might be under the full glare of the pretty pretty and thus insensible to minor flaws in pacing or execution. In other words, sitting there like Homer and drooling excessively.

So, yes, Cathy Gale. My one, allowed, tv break on Sunday featured another choice episode. I've no idea what it was called as I missed it being put in the machine, but it involved a lot of dodgy chaps, including a suavely evil Geoffrey Palmer, all after various MacGuffins at Marsielles airport (the reference to the new London airport was hilarious). Steed actually stuffed it up several times and it was Cathy who saved the day, but this is such a wicked and cheeky Steed, I can forgive him anything. What happened to this Steed? I love him lots. Especially the organising of meeting up in lingerie departments (as often as humanly possible). Oh yeah, the pilot was a very familiar chap, who too soon exited stage left in search of "the Doctor". Hee. (It was a clean shaven Brigadier).

Also, made another small dent in that enormous chocolate hamper. Yum.

Sadly worked through Doctor Who, Casanova, New Tricks (twice, one had David Troughton in it, causing the Peanut Gallery to refer to it as a Dad's Army version of Robin Hood), Angel, Buffy, The Protectors, Heroes (redux, fortunately), Stargate, Farscape, Atlantis and Hustle. Sigh.

Oh yeah, while I applaud Heroes for its worthy multiculturalism, I gotta say, it does not lend itself to being a show one can have on while ironing, cooking, scanning, typing etc. It really does depend on one's complete attention, what with all the subtitled action going on. It's not until one tries to listen to it that one realises how little is in English. I mean, yes, well done, but sadly my Spanish and Japanese are just not up to the task of following the plot while trying to multitask, as one must these days. It's probably why I'm so into Unit One, since it also demands my full and undivided attention, where with House, I just listen to it, more often than not. I'd like to just watch, but I don't have time.

All work and no play, etc, etc (I just love being a domestic). Bad enough I was identifying with Dexter and his inability to undestand folks and having to fake it (he does a much bettter job) but at least he has time for his, er, hobbies.

Also, so glad She Who Must Be Obeyed has been away for a month. Because it's unbearable now. I'm wondering how I could have forgotten how nasty she is, but it's like remembering what a broken toe felt like, and then there's the actual pain of the moment when you broke it. She's mean and a bully. She wouldn't let me leave on time to visit my mother in hospital, so she's quantifiably mean. And people have formally complained, so she's a bully by repute. And I am just so very bloody miserable.

Oh well. Sam and Dean tonight. Sorry, but I will watch it again, if possible, if I can. I need my boys. Come up and see me, make me smile...,21985,22581074-5006023,00.html
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