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Last night I watched Heroes. Happiness. Also Bionic Woman.

Wow, actually had to remind myself to put in a spoiler cut. You'll have to forgive me, after a lifetime of being six months to ten years behind the rest of the world, I just ain't used to seeing something that's a mere few weeks old, at least, not on free-to-air telly. Why, that's still almost lukewarm.

Anyhoo, Mohinder and Parkman have set up house and seem to have adopted the Really Annoying And Stagey Bratlet (I know her name is Molly but she's such a bad child actor). That's, um, cosy. I wasn't expecting that. I mean, I know a dear friend hinted at Mohinder's domestic arrangements, but I thought she was off on the extra-textural vapours again. Apparently not. How sweet. Hiro, meanwhile, faithless creature, has found himself a new slash buddy (the old drunken anti-hero, how very Classic Western of them, the Bennets are as creepy a family as always (though Daddy Bennet is such an adoring Daddy it makes me swing bewteen being unconfortable and being wildly jealous), Nate's really let himself go and Pete's in a box. That's semi-nekkid, dazed and confused and sweaty and chained up Pete in a box. Heh. (I mean it borders on pandering but so not going to write a letter in to complain). But why would anyone post Pete to Ireland?

Too bad about Sulu though. Pout. (And I was so spoiled for that, thank you TV Guide).

So that was Heroes. I wasn't going to watch the Bionic Woman redux because the reviews had been bad, but wickedly there was an article on Jaime MKI in the paper and I gots all nostalgic so, with much disruption to dinner (sorry about that, chief), I tuned in. It wasn't bad, per se. To be honest, it was more like Alias with a hardware upgrade than anything resembling my old show, but I did like Miguel in the Oscar role and they did at least hit some of the main points like the complete lack of consent, though to my mind, I still like the original better.

Also, I think it's a pity the PTB haven't watched the originals because they might remember the cheesier, Love Boaty episodes, but I only recently saw the $6 Million Dollar Man pilot and it's surprisingly dark - Steve is not a happy camper, no sir.

I also noticed that they wasted no time at all in bringing the evil fembot into the plot. Okay, glad they kept the old Evil Bionic Person/Robot plot, but I kinda felt they'd shot their load too soon, and obviously I'd only glanced at the articles, because I thought it was Six, not Starbuck, though I kept thinking Six, so it was all very confusing. And as for the new FX not looking silly? In your dreams, boys. The old slo mo was kinda sexy, and dodgy whooshy cgi still looks daft. I'm sorry, but it does.

So it wasn't great but it was watchable and it runs into Heroes so I'll probably stick with it for now (and keep buying Unit One on disk, because I really love that show. Don't know why but I do. My fave Danish slash cop buddies. Okay, my only Danish slash cop buddies, but still).

Meanwhile, I knew it was a month since my mother died (got really upset last night) but I forget about all else until I sneezed. Ooops, clean up on aisle seven. What? Already? I guess so. No wonder lil Much was getting lucky in my daydreams this morning. Not that poor lil Much had reason to be especially happy as, shall we say, there was a domestic with the domestic. Poor Much. Not that I'll ever get a chance to ever write a sentence of it. The moment I try I get thwarted and interrupted and stymied and stalled. It really is quite ridiculous.

No chance tomorrow, either, as I'm off to the crematorium. Won't that be fun. Actually, it's triple sucky because I also had to turn down an invitation to shop at Cabramatta which I'd been hanging out for since January. Grump. Grump. Grumpity Grump.

Meanwhile, people need to stop scolding me, just for a bit. Yes, I'm dropping balls, not dotting i's or crossing t's and the rest of it right now, but I'm exhausted, ill, hormonal and I've got to pick up the ashes tomorrow (and not the cricketing kind) so just give me a bit more patience and understanding. Please. Right now being dressed and at my desk is the best we can hope for. Thanks.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the DIY yum cha last Saturday. I'd been lamenting my complete lack of yum cha buddies in this difficult time, and Himself, who's never taken up an invitation to yum cha in his life, offered to submit to yum cha one weekend but we never got around to it as everything went pearshaped. Well, imagine my surprise when Himself trotted home with brand new bamboo steamers (I once owned three but they had long since vanished) and several little trays of buns and gowgees. And it was brilliant. How very sweet and unexpected. Family, eh?
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