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It is possible to summon Dean. I desperately needed some Winchesters but my amazon order said they weren't even gonna think about it until 1 ctober, and then they'd send it to Österreich, because they always do, and by then it'll be Xmas so it'll be nicked by the casual staff they put on at the Post Office (a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...). At least, that was the scenario I expected. But lo, it was sitting there for me last night. Two shiny boxes of SPN (including S1 with extras, unlike the evil local version). I has Winchesters. Shiny, pretty Winchesters. Yay.

Well, I needed something to cheer me up. Dean works. I watched one of the episodes I missed while I was OS - three more to go, oh happy days (why I never picked up the box in Virgin when I was there I'll never know). Oh yeah, still a bit snotty about all the stuff I set to record not being recorded, but at least I've got most of it on dvd now.

So glad I got the dvds, especially that episode I missed. It was the one where the boys get mistaken for 'antique collectors' (nudge nudge wink wink). Oh yes, it's so bad as to be almost offensive, but I still chuckled in any case. I gotta say, Sam has a superhuman ability to overcome a tequila hangover. Sure, he was sick, but after that he was bouncing around. Whatever he's on, I want.

Meanwhile, I'm wearing my kimono-y top today. I like it, even if it does make me look like I work at a sushi bar. It was meant to go with my fave midnight blue skirt, but the zipper bust (oh nos!) so I had to go with midnight purple instead. It doesn't really work but my other two skirts were in the wash, and, well, three of the guys took their bags off the seats on the bus this morning, instead of slamming their bags on the seat, so it must have been working a bit. The misery diet really works. But I'm all red and puffy now from my running about.

The good news is I can now walk three blocks before the screaming agony kicks in. The bad news is I had to walk more than three blocks as I headed off in all directions trying to get a week's worth of errands done in a single lunchtime. I got most of it ticked off, but I'll be running around again tomorrow.

Picked up a couple of summer tops, despite my painful lack of cash, but necessary since it looks like being a stinking summer and for the moment we've all gone casual here as there are no execs, at least none that I report to, in the building. So I've given the pinstripped shirts a break. Just as well, since my ironing load has quadrupled of late (those who have never, ever lifted an iron in their life think it's okay to have three or four costume changes a day, instead of wearing something until it can stand up on its own).

Anyhoo, that's done. Post office stuff tomorrow. Nope, no fun for me. It's oddly quiet (I guess a lot of folks is off) but alas I've no head for anything because it's hot and windy and I have a sinus headache that would kill an elephant. I could try and write, but experience has shown me it's not worth the bother. Pushing shit uphill, as one of my lecturers once said.

I can't even get simple css code to work. I wish people would say something other than "You have an error!", because it's so harsh and judgemental and annouces to the world your moral failings. Saying "I think there's a missing tag" is kinder, gentler, suggestive of a solution and makes it sound like it could have happened to anyone, instead of announcing to the world I'm a degnerative retard incapable of tying my own shoelaces.

Or I could just be being oversensitive. Can't help it. On top of everything else I'm just roiling with guilt and while I put my best phone voice on for dealing with people, underneath I'm like one of those lurid Victorian pictures of shipwrecks with storm tossed seas and masts akimbo and oh, the humanity.

It's not fun and it's not pretty, but I'm sure Dean would understand.
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