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they shall rise again - but not if Fox has anything to do with it

Another hard long day at work. And the manager left not one but two positions vacant magazines on my desk. I am soooo dead. Just when I get half a dozen sub sites up and running and looking swish in my new well received design, the evil marketing dept stirs to life (the kraken wakes!) and decides to contract my position out and redesign it from scratch again. Wail! The new design was working - everybody loved it to bits. I hate my life.

So, back home for a Joss fest. First up a very special Buffy and a very naked Spike. Still not sure vamps should have tan lines though, but that's just me. Er, not that I was looking or anything, you understand. This was the very special Willow on drugs episode. Joss promised he wouldn't, but he did. How very 90210 only with an sfx budget.

Next up, Angel, with all his few remaining cool points going down the gurgler rapidly as he cooes over the baby. Some guys look really sexy with infants and others just look really, really bad. Angel falls into the latter category alas. Oh where, oh where has Angel from season 2 Buffy gone? (Well, midnight on Fox8 actually but it was just the flu episode). At least there was some cool Wes moments and a moment of Wes/Gunn, to be filed away in remember when? So sad that it's all downhill gangwise from here. Nice moves from Lorne, setting the main plot points in action. Ah, dear Lorne, a much more welcome addition to the fold than Drop Dead Fred and the bratlet.

Then, then it was Firefly, courtesy of a dear friend on a vcd of superior quality to over 60% of my dvd collection (but that's what I get for buying cheap and not so cheap dvds - grin). Okay, you're right, I don't hate it. I think I rather love it actually, not that my opinion matters as the show has gone the way of so many good shows lately. Yeah, I was pissed that Dark Angel took a bullet for Firefly (I'm thinking we could replace some deadwood in Buffy with Original Cindy, Alec, Normal and Herbal, but that's just me), and the press coverage didn't look promising. They said it was all space ships and space opera with a little bit of western thrown in. Oh great, says I, thinking upon that episode of Battlestar Galactica or even last week's Andromeda. But no, they lied, and here's where I think they shot themselves in the foot, because it's not a lot of space opera that's a little bit country, it's a huge freaking hootin', rootin', shootin' western with a leeetle bit of space thrown in, just for good measure. So SF fans would have turned off in disgust and cowboy sluts like me would have missed it entirely if not for the prodding of good friends.

Yeh, I really liked this, and as much as I was brought up to believe the South were evil what with all their slaves 'n' all, right now, with the US dictating Australian policy, well, hell, my sympathies are totally with the South, or the brown coated Independents as they are called in Firefly. Heh, we never even did the Civil War in school here except to mention it gave us the best economic boom ever (our economy goes up whenever the US goes down so I like US misfortunes from a dollars to doughnuts pov), but I think Joss whacks us around the head enough with the whole civil war allegory for me to get it (hard hats optional). And I've sat through the Ken Burns doco several times, afterall - grin, so I get it. Yeah, I'm totally with the (Southern) heroes in this one. Tell them damn Yankees, ahem, I mean, the Alliance, where to stick their jackbooted interference. Much like that hilarious scene in Coupling, my US pals screech in horror when I point out that they're the evil Empire now (which would make us Tattooine, certainly being the fartherst point from the brightest spot in the Galaxy).

Loved the opening bar brawl, too, with the holo-window. Heh, all the classics. If only Joss had written Magnficent Seven. I think I would have been in so much happy candy you'd have had to strap me down - grin.

Then, since the dvd player was warmed up, it was on to replaying Orly's spot in Wilde (I knew that lad would amount to something) and a bit of Hercules, just to see Eric Close in a shirt. Am still swooning over the idea (please let it be so) or Orlando and Sean in Troy. Cue a chorus of the MST3K Ode to Pants (hey, if you'd had to dub as many copies of Hercules Against the Moonmen as I did you'd be able to sing it on command, too).

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