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Um, rubbish day, can't do a thing right, which is distressing because I'm flogging myself trying to help folks, but whatever. At least my hero Gough is still giving as good as he gets. Would that I had his gumption but the last time this worm turned it just made things worse. Have some links:
"Fierce People" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
"Heroes" cast members drop hints about second season
Philip Glenister - Not Now Luv t-shirt
Philip Glenister - Jessie t-shirt
Hot Fuzz and Life on Mars: Absolutely Gorgeous Cops
David Tennant and John Simm leaving The Ivy on Saturday night
Quest for perfection
Scientists find weak link in 'earth's most dangerous animal'
A will to keep them following orders
I'm buggered if I'll take my shoes off for APEC: Whitlam
Sweeping powers to ban suspects
PM's friendship with Bush sours view of US: poll
Fall from grace belies genteel past

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