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another brick in the wall

Hello. I really don't have time for this but I've been head down bum up since 6.30 am and I figure I'm due a break. It's Thursday and it's my first proper day in the office, so you can imagine the state of my inbox. If it wasn't for the inbox I could almost enjoy myself for the weather is lovely, I'm at my desk, with my cup and my secret stash of good tea bags, and I don't even mind the fortress they're (very noisely) building out there. Seriously, they're building Berlin walls for APEC, only, like the old BW, they lack finesse. I prefer a more retro wall, you know, ancient stone, a bit of fancy carving, that sort of thing.

I do hope I get some time off next week because I don't fancy being stopped and searched while going about my lawful business (especially as this terrible pain down my side is giving me fair warning I might be a bit lippy next week).

Anyhoo, sometime last week I mentioned Baines reminding me of some snotty posh boys of my acquaintance and it was a fairly non cryptic dig at a certain few gentlemen and one in particular. So guess who I ran into on Tuesday. Okay, given the whys and wherefores, not the least bit coincidental, but still, there he was, made flesh from my thoughts, as it were. Fortunately, as noted in the D&P book I just finished (bloody good read, too), a posh education can be relied upon to have ingrained good manners in the bastards, and Mr D duly exchanged civilities, which must have pained him as everyone else was giving me a wide five seat berth (Hair awry again? Skirt tucked in undies? Deodorant no match for the jog uphill?).

Whatever. The lecture was okay and I emerged with some thoughts, which meant it wasn't a complete waste. Before, as I was actually at the AGNSW, I popped in to see the Bertram Mackennal exhibition as I've long been a fan, having snapped a lot of his stuff in the UK and here, but why I was going to lead off with this, but decided not to, was that the exhibition is best fully appreciated after a viewing of this Saturday's episode of Doctor Who. Too bad nobody else had seen it, because that Circe statue was giving me the wiggins.

"...don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe. DON'T turn your back, DON'T look away, and DON'T BLINK."

Also featured: Martin Place Cenotaph, GPO, Rabbie Burns, Archibald fountain. As always, click to enlarge, as the bishop said to the actress.

It was very naughty to take the Circe piccies, but there were no postcards, and you'll note the two distracted gossiping guards in the background as I took my shot. Heh. I'm evil. It was a small, but grand exhibit, lots of nekkid lads and lasses in grand poses. All very post pre-raph but also reminding me of 30s propaganda. Anyhoo, a treat.

It was such a lovely evening I walked back through the garden, which was sadly less of a treat as my ankle was quite fed up by this stage and not backwards about telling me about it, either, but I did see more statues and a pee wee engaging in a nest building engineering project. Well, one poor pee wee was labouring, the other seemed to be occupying a supervisory role. I'm not expert enough to sex a pee wee, but I was bemused at the obvious division of labour.

I also finished my PHP course, and someday I'll finish the InstaSlash-o-Matic that I was working on at the end of class. Too much wicked fun. It was a good course, too. Great teacher, great classmates, fun lunch in the sun. Even the awful, awful pizza turned into a great conversation on best/worst/weirdest pizzas (the 'pizza' in some remote village in Nepal won for worst/weirdest, being more of a tomato soup with dumplings).

Sunday at the garden expo were grand. Started out as a sunny day then went very atmospherically foggy (but also cold) but it was way cool and I just caught a taxi because there were no buses so I had time for a wander. Security was lax, just wandered in by accident, though I was wearing my official shirt, a shirt of such committee driven awfulness it could only ever be worn under mandatory conditions.

Sun came out again and I had bought my crimson camellia (I had the camellia dude to myself and he picked the best one for my spot) and my bag of cheap geraniums and the stand set up before my expo buddy was probably even out of bed. Of course, as I had to carry home plants and stand I was giving away brochures like a woman possessed (it doesn't count if they all end up in the bin round the corner, just so as I didn't dump them there) but I mangaged to send off a few depts/busineeses with boxes of the things so out of five boxes I ended up with only two dozen brochures left. Must be some sort of record. Got home okay too as playing the cripple got me help loading and unloading the taxi, fer a change.

Monday was supposed to be my day off but I had to lug in show stuff and post stuff so I took taxi in and, half a day later, taxi back. But it was a lovely, lovely day so I did the washing and planted the camellia, geraniums, the few little natives I'd bought for ground cover (not that they'll compete with the weeds, four buckets worth I pulled out, but it's the thought that counts) and a rather sad little native frang that is meant to replace the mighty and magnificent lost one, as if.

Was still washing/ironing when Himself got home. I'd like to say I was watching Buffy but the Foxtel has been crash city all week. Grrr. So not in the mood to deal with that on top of everything else.

Tuesday was good because it was still lovely weather, I got bonus art gallery and I got straight on a bus (with rolling strikes, something of an achievement). But best of all was my bone shaking craving for a curry answered by curry and papadams all ready to go. Yay! Synchronicity or what? Watched a particularly good Time Team but missed most of Doctor Who, even though it was Captain Jack. We were watching the lunar eclipse and it was way cool. It went all red, perfectly red. Magic.

Also visited the AP last night, after a somewhat trying day at work (you wouldn't think one would have to explain to management that no server access equals no updates, but one does) and that was an epic journey, as they've cut the buses to the hospital in half so they only run once every 80 minutes and I just missed it by that much. Ouch. Then when I was going home the taxi I spent money calling was gazumped by some old biddy (old people are tiresome and evil - to all those tribes who abandon their elderly: Word) so I had to wait 40min for the next bus and then as we neared the station the last bus home was in front. Follow that bus!, I cried, though we were both headed to the station anyway, but the bus driver got in the spirit of things and roared ahead and then slid sideways into the bus bay cutting off the other bus, in a move that would have brought a tear to Gene Hunt's eye, and I managed to catch it. Phew! Nice one, boys. So I finally got home by 9pm. Ouch (left work at 3pm).

AP was, well, not fine but not especially wretched and more lucid than I was (I'm knackered, like punch drunk knackered), so that was a plus. Himself had spent all his taxi money on buying the AP tv (it's a money in the meter thing) and she was more interested in watching that than talking to me - ah, finally, an air of utter normality. At least she got to see the eclipse on tv.

It's still lovely weather. In fact the day was screaming for a stroll by the water and an icecream, so I did. I wandered down to the Opera House, while I am still allowed to do so (to attempt the same feat next week will have me shot and/or arrested) and, in a surreal moment, found a bride in full bridal gear in the Baskin Robbins shop. Weird. Never mind, lovely day, sunny, not too hot (icecream and 40C do not mix well) and I had my green tea icecream. Perfection. Licked it all the way back, didn't care who saw me - except the anti-fat freak manager, from whom I hid lest I get another lecture on whatever regime she's into this week.

Jeebus! Every time they drop a section of the wall it's an almighty thundering thump. My nerves are shot. All in all, etc.

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