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Have you ever been stuck in a car with a man driving, a man who insists he knows where he's going, who won't take any advice until he's good and lost beyond all ability to backtrack, a man who will then turn around and loudly blame you because you had the map, even though he refused to take any of your directions or suggestions?

Well, that's what my working day is like. And after the nine unfortunate deaths in that train derailment, I just knew I'd be busy uploading what Bernard would call 'courageous' documents, especially just before an election. Cold? Cynical? I've been doing this job too long, baby.

Apparently over 30,000 people showed up for the Chinese New Year parade, which was completely unexpected. Well, I said it was crowded.

Heard some people wailing about being plagarised on one list. Personally, if you're going to write fic so awful and generic as to allow anyone to search and replace the names for their own fiendish purposes then you deserve anything and everything you get. A public flogging and/or a stay in the stocks probably wouldn't go astray, either. How much do I hate interchangeable Ken Doll A and Ken Doll B fics? Let me count the ways. Read too much crap fic lately. I should go read a proper book, much more inspirational, instead of just sitting there with my head in my hands groaning over the sheer badness of it all ala The Scream. Cerulean blue my arse.

A waste of my valuable writing time, tsk. Too bad whenever the fellas are away I think yay, fic, illicit typing, goodness, but it's always phones, emails, system crashes, badness. Sigh.

Mega system crashes. Now even the printer won't talk to me, sigh.

Happily I get home in time for Roswell, the first episode of season two and maybe it's just me, the earlier hour or perhaps the lack of EC9's chainsaw editing but the episode flows, makes sense and is thoroughly enjoyable. Typically, just when Nasedo finds his niche as the catty Cordelia/chorus/fool character who points out, with wicked humour, the foolishness of the heroes plans and actions, they kill him off. D'oh. Now I know TPTB of such teen shows are loathe to have parental type figures but Nasedo was fulfilling the much needed roles of both Giles and Cordelia so killing him off seems to me both premature and a bad move. Perhaps the actor wasn't interested, though he seemed to be really relishing his last turn, to me. As for the kids, same old Dawsons Creek angst. At least seeing the episodes in order I can understand why Max turned so cold - he really did suffer a lot in a short time. However a sensible choice character-wise, it did make him a tad unloveable. Thank goodness for Michael and, to a lesser degree as the series progresses, Maria who strangely provide the heart of the show. The Maria character is completely ruined by season 3, but Michael, bless him, grows, changes, but still remains essentially Michael, strangely the most human of all of them. Second only to Buddha Boy (Kyle) in loveability. The Kyle and Michael show, with Isobel as a guest star - I'd pay to see that :D

After that I left it on Seven Days for the want of anything else, and not really in the mood to doing anything proactive like putting in a dvd, reading a book or writing. It wasn't too bad, actually. Much better than I remembered it when it used to play in the 19:30 slot on Ten. I suspect editing as I was picking up on character notes never mentioned in the versions I saw previously, including a hugely slashy opening viginette, featuring much wrestling between the two boys. Now I don't remember that scene at all, so bad Channel Ten for editing out the slashy goodness, 'cause it was fun.

Also a bit on an eep factor but that's what you get for getting involved with an actor, they show up in repeats. Ooops. Never, ever again. Ancient history now though and I quickly ignored Mr Bitpart for the sake of the show, and it wasn't bad. The old brainwashing story, it could have been lifted straight from an episode of I Spy. I'm not entirely sure it wasn't - grin.

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