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How dos. Nothing much happening at all, really, aside from the carpet burns yesterday as I once again grovelled profusely for the pleasure and privilege of doing a job I don't really care much for at all these days but don't have a lot of choice about re being responsible and dutiful, as always. The things we do, the compromises we make, eh?

I only say this because I've not written a slashy word since April and it's not likely to improve. So not happy about that. Also, the ankle was so not happy about having to slog halfway across town, but at least it meant I could pick up stuff on the way back, including a four month old Doctor Who magazine (ie the latest for us, though it was, to my amusement, located amongst the porn mags in this particular newsagent, which wasn't the sort of association I'd normally make, Torchwood aside, but nevermind), a packet of Tunnocks tea cakes and a box of Yorkshire tea (from Treats From Home, or, in my case, treats from Auntie), which has the makings of a rather nice afternoon, had I not had to continue, or rather hobble onto the office and catch up on stuff. Yes, it does annoy me that other people eff about and don't send me stuff until they're walking out the door so I have to stay back late, get caught in traffic and not get home till nineish. Grump.

Still, I finally got around to watching the rather wonderful Confidential for DW310 (Blink), the one where DT endearingly interviews Mr Moffat and Mr Gatiss amongst others re their abiding love of all things Who and it's basically just one solid hour of ecstatic fanboy glee, but it was ever so cute and just about the first time the old series has been so thoroughly assailed, or rather dusted off and given a jolly good hug. Thanks, Dave.

I really do find it rather charming, and at times even disturbing, how much of a fan/ubergeek DT is. No pre-rehearsed soundbites for the press, this boy really knows his Jagaroth from his Jagrafess, and, well, that makes him a far, far bigger geek than yours truly, who can never even remember the episode titles (it's always that one with the thing, you know, the thing that did that thing, even though I've watched the show since birth and my earliest memories are not of family but Daleks and Cybermen and Ice Warriors, which says all you need to know about my primary care giver - grin).

I could have done something else last night but I was happy enough watching DT, and I was all snoozy from the meds anyway. I really do feel sory for poor DT, too. I'm glad Kylie was there to fetch him a nice hot cup of tea - just the thing, really.

Cake also helps. It was a colleague's birthday and I gamely limped to the cakeshop and back but my choice of an apple rhubarb crumble (me want comfort food) was very well received, and very nice, too. Just the thing. We so rarely stop for even a cuppa these days. Sigh.

Anyhoo, I could wail on about giving valuable time to people I'd much rather kick in the eye, but I'll just let XTC describe the situation as it stands:

XTC: Making Plans for Nigel:
Ewan's socks!
'Farscape' returns online, Sci Fi readies 'Galactica' TV movie
Fuji Rock Festival '07 - Day 1
Fuji Rock Festival '07 - Day 2
News from Comic-Con: Star Trek, Heroes and More!
Americans warn about future workplaces
Heroes' Masi Oka Discusses Tripping Time and Getting Smart,,2136509,00.html
Spandau star joins Virgin's Party
Famous faces in the soup — for charity
Printers pose health risks: study
Costner's dripping yarn: sci-fi classic or total sinker?
Newspapers & Media of New Zealand
Depp's rum role as a young Duke
Gallery of Regrettable Food
The American Motel
Restaurant Postcards
Interior Desecrators
Thirty ways to win back your lover
Fisherman catches 'living fossil'
Ausiello on Heroes
Northern Ireland: British troops' era over
"Bourne" again: Damon's loose cannon has ultimatum for old foes
"It's A Mall World" Premiere - Arrivals with American Eagle Outfitters
American Eagle Outfitters Launches Original Series "It's A Mall World" Directed By Milo Ventimiglia
"It's A Mall World" Premiere - Arrivals

This just in from The Guardian:


An older lady approached Kylie Minogue asking her to go and fetch her
a cup of tea - because she was dressed as a waitress on the set of Dr
Who. The "pensioner" mistook Minogue for a member of staff on the set
of the sci-fi show where she is playing the part of a waitress on the
Titanic in a Christmas special. Daily Mirror P3

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