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Well, my ankle is now officially rooted, as opposed to me just hobbling about in a pathetic grab for sympathy (which isn't working at all, btw).

I finally got in to see the Doc who finally found my results and it's rooted. I did ended up with a bandage and some free painkillers though, so I feel as though I got value for money from this visit. Especially the bandage as I lost the one I bought on the way to Shepherd's Bush that time. Ah, holiday souveniers, eh.

Of course, I've not helped my poor ankle by being on it all weekend (alas I didn't get out of any chores) and digging holes to plant half the shrubbery was unwise but it needed to be done as the peanut gallery was in full Frank Spencer mode so it fell to me to manfully place my torn tendons on the shovel, grit my teeth and bite down hard on the NYRAAARRRG! that wanted to unleash itself as I rammed the spade deep into the mercifully soft earth. Honestly, how could anyone not know how to dig a decent sized hole?

Anyway, it's done now and the wattle, which looked raring to go, is planted at last. Just the thing for national tree day. Washing up the dishes afterwards I kept hallucinating a green man winking at me in next door's tree. Man, my ankle was hurting. As it is still hurting. So not digging the other holes next weekend.

I wouldn't mind so much, as I've become pretty adept at taking whatever is thrown at me these days (though that straw will come), but it's rather put the kybosh on the Kaisers. Ow. I'm still going, but it won't be fun.

Never mind. As I did the washing on Thursday, I had time, just a bit of time, to wallow in dvds. So I caught up on episodes 305-307 of Doctor Who. Okay, so I cheated, 305 is the one they played on Saturday. The Daleks just wanna be loved one. Suddenly the Doc gets all squeamish over genocide (as opposed to the Xmas special, then) and the whole showdown in the theatre was, well, silly. We've decided that Laszlo and Tallulah run away and join a travelling carnivale show (heh heh heh). The Lazarus one I swear I've seen as an old Outer Limits episode (only with less running down the corridors), or at least, it's what it reminded me of, and lacked only a serious American voice lecturing that messing with nature is wrong at the end of it, but I loved the cathedral, though. It's on my to do list if I ever get back there. I was so looking forward to the Mark Gatiss episode, but it was just so...same old, same old. (ETA: It was Quatermass I was thinking of, and just how many times can they keep ripping it off?)

Weirdly, I liked the Sunshine/24 ripoff episode better, if only because I liked two of the crew from other stuff they'd been in. It was also a quite shocking moment when the Doc admitted he was scared and kinda lost it. I must say, I've been impressed with DT's performance so far this year. Last year, or for a great portion of it at least, he was very much an exciteable little boy racing around on too much red cordial playing at being Doctor Who, but lately he is the Doctor, absolutely, and it'd be a shame if he left at the end of the season because he's really hitting his stride in the role. I mean, I never thought I'd get wrapped up in Doctor Who again after I hit twelve, you know (sadly as I got older it got sillier), but I do. He is so the Doctor. I'm very impressed. And, also, you know, squee.

I love David as the Doctor. I do. I really do.

Other than that, not much. Would have loved to have written some stuff but the ankle was too hurty hurty owie ouch for that, and even reading the weekend papers was a strained affair. I did catch Damian Lewis in an old Inspector Frost, though. Amusingly it was one of those Frost is an old dinosaur because he can't even get the caution right episodes, which makes it an interesting counterpart to Life on Mars, though if Sam thinks he invented the whole 'I'm just so politically correct' eye rolly thing then he needs a secondment to Mid-Yorkshire to fully appreciate Peter Pascoe's enduring sufferance. Oh yeah, watched a couple of D&Ps courtesy of UKTV. And half a State of Play.

Oh yeah, David Tennant was also on Parky on Saturday night, which is why I couldn't tape Inspector Lynley and I was gutted because it not only had Sam West in it (twice! in one week!) but Joe Armstrong as well (albeit briefly). Funnily enough when I flipped back to Aunty, there were their dads (Alun Armstrong and Timothy West) in New Tricks, and it did bemuse me to find the dads on the ABC, though that's about the right demographic - snerk. All very fathers and sons. And it was Brit cops everywhere on telly, which was unfortunate for those who love them (well, they could spread them out over the rest of the week) and those who don't.

So yeah, David was cute on Parky, but it was a hard ask giving up young Sammy West for him. Oh well, at least I taped last week's Midsomer with Sam West in it (and David Troughton).

Oh yeah, and in Aliens of London (UKTV, Sunday night), the Doc never uttered the word/acronym TARDIS in Jackie's presence, so how could she know what the blue box be called, and, since I've got my anorak on and firmly buttoned up, if the Slitheen hatch from eggs, how come they got belly buttons then?

And these painkillers have made my tongue go numb. Wot, me worry?,,2136230,00.html
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