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I left my blog in San Francisco

Today started with Ewan bellowing "testicles!" down the (fortunately) empty corridors this morning, which'll learn me to a) peek at the Long Way Down page in public and b) not check that some peon hasn't fiddled with my volume controls in my absence.

Still, at least the PC is working, unlike Wed, when it wasn't talking to my external hard drive (breathe, breathe) and livejournal was down (and over and out), and, well. And if that wasn't fun enough our Foxtel box fell off its perch last night (and it'll be a week before the wee manny can come out and see it). Good think I've got a stack of...well, I'm not gonna say it ot it'll be et tu, pvr, ditto deciding to read, cause then it'll be a blackout.

In other words, it ain't been my week. This was further confirmed by being thrown hither and yon by bad bus drivers all Tuesday until the fourth time they did it (braked and swerved hard) they really did it - sent me flying again for shits and giggles and this time something in my ankle snapped when I landed. I don't know exactly what yet because I was supposed to be hobbling back to the docs today with my x-rays but it turns out the silly bint doesn't, in fact, work on Fridays, despite booking me in. Arrrgh. And I thought it'd be better using a city doctor than the loco locums out my way, you know, the ones who called my mum's stroke a head cold. Those ones. Gah.

But anyway, it's effing bloody hurty but no one takes me seriously because I am manfully hobbling around stiff upper lipping it (though it hurt so bad I threw up three times on Tuesday) and no one thinks it's swollen because they think, being a fat chick, I have fat ankles. No, I don't. I really, really don't. That's the problem. I have one grandmother's skinny size zero ankles trying to prop up another grandmother's enormous arse and it's just not structurally sound. Fortunately I'll never pass on these mutant genes but it's been misery enough for me.

And yeah, same ankle I rooted in Budapest. Same one I hobbled all over Paris and London with (the cobblestones at Hampton Court I particularly remember). Same one that blew up so big that time I had to hobble across half of Canberra with it that it bust all the blood vessels.

Which makes me realise that both Mr Simm and Mr Shanks have only ever had the misfortune to wander into my orbit while I was mad on pain, drugs and beer. Ah well, quite possibly they saw the real me - and may yet never recover from the trauma, no doubt. Poor, poor wee lads.

Anyhoo, was supposed to be having yesterday off (and I really had to dig for just one day off, which was jolly unfair) with my foot up, but it was such a stunning day I had to get the washing out. Hobbling up and down the back steps was not fun, but I found if I leant on the washing basket as a zimmer frame then I didn't startle the birds too much with my screaming and swearing. Peanut gallery was not impressed, and suggested I could manage the ironing as well by adjusting the height on the ironing board and pulling up a stool. Grrr.

I did get some dvd watching done. Not uninterrupted, but that's why they invented pause and chapter search. First up was the Master arc on Doctor Who, aka The Simm That Ate Cardiff. I mean, was there a bit of scenery left that didn't have wee Simmo's teeth marks in it by the end as he pranced and panto'd his little heart out like some demonic preening Tin Tin. It was OTT fun, but a little too OTT in places as a lot of waving and shouting to paper over a wafer thin plot fails to impress me, well, it never did as a kid so that whole 'it's not for grownups' argument doesn't really work.

But parts of it were fun, especially the Scissor Sisters dance number. I think I was quite actually enjoying it immensely until the insulin busting Tinkerbell deus ex machina moment, which just ruined it for me and the whole thing just fell apart like an overripe souffle.

Of course this was my first viewing and I know I'll enjoy it on subsequent viewings, especially the scenes where poor John, in his own words, gets burned by the manly Tennant stubble. (Also loved the Confidential baiting soundbite about 'the blood draining out of his face when he saw the size of it' - I'll assume John was talking screwdrivers here - grin). So yeah, all that gurning, all that build up, and we get the Tinkerbell moment and the hopes of the Master and the Doctor setting up house together, with frilly curtains, raised and then utterly dashed away a second later. Bastards - that was cruel and uncalled for, playing with a fangirl's heart like that. And the Captain Jack stuff? Purlease.

But yeah, Simm vs Tennant - totally rocked. Absolutely rocked. What a hoot. If you'd told me five years ago I'd be seeing the two boys face off in Doctor Who, I'd have checked the alcohol per volume of your beverage. It was silly, sexy fun. Oh yes indeedy (and didn't Mr Simm just play up the phone conversation, despite later protestations that he was just sticking to the script as written - yeah, right). Just a shame about the plot (also, the whole Supes turn the world back thing - purlease redux).

And speaking of the king of the reset button, how Spectrum cloudbase was the Valiant?

At least they mentioned UNIT, which was something (oh, I'd loved to have seen the Brig and good old Sgt Benton playing opposite Doctor #10).

So that was Doctor Who. Between dvd fumblings I found Buffy which in the end segued nicely into Persusion, both in matters of theme (the whole day's viewing being that of unrequited and unattanable love) and casting, as Tony Head was putting in an arch turn as the villainous father of the piece.

You know I'd been told the ITV Austens were a load of old dingo kidneys but actualy I really enjoyed Persuasion, and may yet order the rest. I just bought Persuasion because it had Rupert (swoon) on the cover, so imagine my delight when Tobias Menzies turned up as 'the cad' (there's always a heratbreaking cad in Jane's books - some lowlife done that poor girl wrong). So maybe it was the mersyndols or the screaming ankle (having been up and and down the steps several times now it was going RAWRRRRR the whole time I was trying to enjoy Ruperts pretty glacial features, those icy blue eyes, etc) but I was weeping along with the heroine and her twarted hopes, especially the first time she sees HIM again. OMG, I was bawling buckets. It hit a raw nerve, it really did.

Some really lovely shots of Bath, too, and the costumes were divine (in fact I was so enamoroured of one of the coats I dug out an old coat o'mine of similiar fabric but sadly far less classic cut) but I was really happy just to wallow in the happy ending. It's what I love about Austen, that wish fulfilment second chance that just never happens in real life.

Perhaps I was just overly emotional from having to walk past that particular bench so often on Tuesday, that bench upon which the ghostly memory of my love still sits. Weep.

Never mind, walked into the old newsagency there and they squealed, in delight at my appearance, for once. The girl whipped out the order pad and said I could ask for any magazine and they'd get it in, so that's sourcing a new newsagency all sorted, then. I bought three then and there as a show of good faith (though I couldn't really afford it). I'm so relieved it's still run by the same nice folks. One thing that's gone right this week.

Best quotes #1
For best actor in a drama: James Purefoy in HBO's "Rome" because he made a historical figure -- Mark Antony -- the rowdiest, craziest dude on TV, which is all the more impressive when you consider that Denis Leary also has a series.

Best quotes #1
Says David Ewen, a 46-year-old gamer: "Kids need to learn that if they're ambushed by a horde of self-regenerating laser-festooned killer robots on an asteroid far from the main space trade routes in real life, they're not actually going to end up getting teleported out to the local Starbucks for a nice refreshing break."
- Why do we have to die in games?

And from The Guardian:
These days everyone seems to be making a guest appearance on Doctor Who. But one person who won't be is Prince Charles, after he snubbed the chance to appear alongside David Tennant and Kylie Minogue in the Christmas special. 'Unfortunately he politely declined but he did say
he was a big fan of the show,' said show producer Phil Collinson. The Sun P21

Meanwhile, there goes my (non existant) social life: The latest diet advice: don't hang around with fat people

And finally finally, am I the only person to have spotted the gobbledock in the Smiths ad, or was it just the meds?
Breaking: The Internet Is Off!
Breakdowns: A drunk employee kills all of the websites you care about
Fire affects four productions at Hungarian MAFILM
Hungary heatwave kills hundreds
Who Writer Addresses Rumors
Breaking! Sylar Locked to Be Spock? Geena Out of Minds? Plus, Clue Crossover on Fox
People in the News: Bourne is the 'opposite' of 007
Matt Damon takes a walk down memory lane
Well, if the Romans built on flood plains...
Heroes Scoop: Cheerleader Exits, D.L. MIA and More!
Heroes triumph for BBC2,,2134887,00.html
Setting the fantasy free
Obesity a trend among friends
Fat may be contagious, study finds
Nursing home cat 'harbinger of death'
Exhaust fumes linked to rise in heart disease
Why do we have to die in games?
The unreal way to escape from normal life
Convict records placed online
Driver, 83, has run-in with bollards
Jaws of an ocean killer make it love at first bite
Heathrow puts up legal barricades to keep away protesters
Bandmates reflect on Smiths anniversary
"The Bourne Ultimatum" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet
"The Bourne Ultimatum" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

And from the 'a picture is worth a thousand words' file comes a piccie that really doesn't need a macro:

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