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Thank you to lidi for the gift! :) What a nice thing to see first thing in the morning.

And the mornings haven't been too bright of late. I think the late nights and dark, cold, early starts are getting to me. Certainly I did pour my museli into my cup instead of my bowl yesterday, and I damn nearly got on the wrong bus, though in my defence it was from an entirely different route and had no business pulling up at my bus stop. I only vaguely realised something wasn't quite right when I saw that it was entirely empty and not chockers as it should have been. Quite creepy in retrospect, given that it was dark and still the wee small hours at the time.

Speaking of creepy, or creepy shows, the PTB over at Supernatural have bravely girded their loins and waded into the fray: Supernatural Exec: "We Won't Be One Tree Hill with Monsters!"

Okay...I got to say, while I'm deeply umimpressed over the whole shoehorning in the totty to appeal to the teen boy market thang (who, for some reason, are a more important market than women with incomes), I was impressed by the guy's answers. It sounds like he not only reads his boards, but other boards as well.

I love this bit:
"But the difference between us and other shows is when they make missteps, they say, 'Go f--- yourself.' When we make missteps, we pay attention to the fans and we course-correct."

I couldn't begin to guess at which shows he means, since I've read the f-off message so many times (but particularly re SG and DW). Interesting to note, though, that the two shows mentioned as worthy, X Files and Buffy, both had very, very healthy and free flowing writer/audience dialogues. I mean, the X Files pioneered the fan in-joke, but those guys used to be online all the time, chating away. It only fell over when they stopped. Ditto Buffy. A little bit of feedback can work wonders, it seems. I mean, of course the pendulum can go too far the other way into pandering (cf the Spike episode of Torchwood, I'll bet), but it's nice to see them pay lip service at least to audience desires instead of dismissing them out of hand (and usually issuing a few spiteful insults as well).

So, okay, not loving the new direction but big points for the guy stepping up and trying to hose it all down, and very nicely, too. Here's hoping he doesn't lose it by the end of the season :)

And speaking of executive dummy spits, here's my beloved, absolutely beloved Mr S. Moffat expounding his views upon RTD's threat to pack up his bat and ball and go home:

"I know that there's tremendous anxiety among ‘Doctor Who’ fans about the future of ‘Doctor Who’," Moffat said. "Here's an answer that people should listen to. No broadcaster lets go of a show like ‘Doctor Who.’ They'd have to be out of their fucking minds."

"If ‘Doctor Who’ demonstrates anything -- any simple truth about television -- it's that everyone is dispensable," Moffat said. "’Doctor Who’ is probably there forever. It will probably outlive everyone on Outpost Gallifrey. That's probably the truth. I'm not saying that it will run continuously for 20 years. They might give it a rest for a while, but I wouldn't imagine ‘Doctor Who’ would rest for very long now.

"But ‘Doctor Who’ is completely safe. It's not in great danger. It's been the center of British culture since Kennedy was shot. I mean, it's not going away. Look, they turned it to shit and took it off for 15 years, and that didn't kill it. I mean, what's going to kill it now? Success?"

The article goes onto speculate that SM himself might yet wear the crown and you know what? I could totally live with that. Absolutely and totally.

Forgot to mention it was the Dickens episode of DW we were watching on Sunday, thanks to UKTV repeats. I almost know it off by heart now, which least to MST3King, alas (even on a Mark Gattis script). "But, I must ask you one thing, Doctor," implores Mr Dickens. "Will my great-great-great-grandson be involved in BBC twaddle?" Why yes, yes he will. Does this make Dr Who one of the few shows to feature both Dickens as a character and a Dickens descendant?

Anyhoo, since I happened to be reading it on the bus yesterday (a coincidence, as I still have that old Dickens anthology bumping about in the bottom of my backpack in case of boredom emergencies), Marley's ghost is actually described as giving off an eerie glow like an off lobster in a dark cellar, which puts me in mind to remember the next time I'm in Victorian England to not order the lobster.

Oh, still a bit of a muddle headed wombat today as it seems I was still wearing my bus beanie when everyone else arrived at the office. Well, it was cold. Also bemused yesterday that even in my fuddled state I managed to duck and weave every attempt by my manager to lay a hit on me yesterday. They were determined to find fault, but no fault could be found. Not so lucky today, though, alas (though the fault was not mine, but just following orders ain't ever gonna be an excuse I can get away with, even when it's true).

No wait, I just managed to duck two more blows (those jobs are already done and in the system, so there). Heh heh heh. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

Meanwhile, finally got up to the Ewan McGregor episode of Top Gear (the one from years ago for the rest of the world). I'm glad they actually deigned to show us young Ewan (being cheeky as always) because last week they cut the Guv. They actually cut the Guv. I'd waited years for that episode to finally come round and they cut him - I was gutted. bastards! But at least I had Ewan last night, and the Anne Hathaway's cottage on wheels, which was pointless but hilarious. But how could they not show us the Gene Genie? Grump.

Also watched an episode of Supernatural (I'd actually left on time fer once and did all of the ironing during Buffy and tea was an omelette of table scraps). It was a Sammy arc one but they were dressed up as priests - heh. Lots of Sammy being all wangsty and snitty and Dean being all protective and quite controlled when it came to Sam's revelations. Actually, Sam got to be all protective, too, which was cute. In a Carrie kinda way.

Alas, or perhaps, mercifully, I slept through Torchwood, which was half an hour late so it was a good thing I was still up to restart the machine. It was the Owen Teale likes human sausages, but only on certain occassions, one. Funnily enough I watched the Supernatural version of this episode just the other day, and I know which one I prefer, though in truth the boys were on the back foot for a lot of it, at least they didn't leave the keys in the car. Though it would have been funnier if the cops were in on it. Points to Torchwood for adding that little extra touch of British nastiness.

Meanwhile, it's all go in Days Of Our Brit Boys, though I suppose this means at least I won't have to put up with any more peanut butter stories.
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