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First you must find... another shrubbery!

I has a shrubbery. I needed a shrubbery and now I have one. Well, the idea of one, anyway.

A dear friend offered to take me on my annual trip to the big hardware warehouse (which has shut down all local hardwares stores and which I can't get to via public transport so it was indeed the annual trip, two trolleys and $400+ worth of bits and bobs for falling down house).

But what I really needed was a shrubbery as bastard bastard new neighbours have chopped down all the trees and now I have no privacy and no windbreak and I would very much like both back please, now (the house is atop a hill so now everyone can see me water the garden in my pjs for miles/kms and now there's nothing to stop the westerlies roaring in and peeling the paint off the house - ouch).

I really should have put in a pre-emptive shrubbery but I never thought they'd touch that gorgeous fifty year old frang. Fucktards. Unfortunately this means I've only got three months for me wee plants to grow 3m to stop the westerlies. Like that's gonna happen. Oh me, oh my.

Anyhoo, I have a hibiscus, a wattle, a bottle brush that rejoices in the name "Harkness" (couldn't resist), a cumquat, a grevillea and something else that I entirely forget (some obscure native that'll probably drop dead if you say boo to it), and I've got a few things that have outgrown their pots that I can also line up and I'm not above installing the rubber tree plant one of the birds shat into one of my pots. Oh yes, indeedy.

So that was Sunday (meant to actually get started in planting shrubbery but it actually rained for my remaining hour of daylight). There was also a very nice lunch, in a cafe, an old fave cafe, like a grownup (except for the hooting and snorting over the story about confusing a massage parlour for a massage parlour, but it's better the way she tells it), and some Doctor Who (UKTV) in the evening. Fell asleep during Midsomer but I'd set the machine and it went off and yay because it had Sam West in it (and David Troughton, thus ensuring my Sunday nights weren't entirely Troughton free, though it's not the same, whimper).

Oh yeah, really sorry to hear about Wee Davey's mum. She amused me very much. (Unlike some other mothers).

Saturday was spent catching up on soooo many flist posts (900+). I could have done better things with my time/life but it just never occured to me. But I did watch D&P on UKTV after Doctor Who and then discovered State of Play was one (since when? I'm so out of the loop). Ah, State of Play, it's like a buffet of Brit candy (Simm, Glenister, McAvoy, Warren, Nighy, Morrissey...).

Oh yeah, the same dear friend also dropped off her tape of Ghost Squad so I have a copy of the last episode. Yay. So does anyone know a good 'make uploady filez thingy' prog because the one I'm using makes files too huge for my HD, which isn't, as you might imagine, helpful. Ta.
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