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'Alright! Let battle commence! Wine and... bananas! Bring on the dancing girls!'

From The Sun, re the second series of Robin Hood:
"...the next series will be 'darker'"

I nearly punched the air then, but then I remembered what happened the last time the BBC promised darkness, and I sat on my hands. Clearly, old Aunty Beeb is just so unreliable these days.

But the article does come with an old but still v.nice piccie of the wee lad, and it was so welcome on a rather cruddy Tuesday when I caught up with my Guardian alerts, which announced the story thusly:
As far as I'm concerned it is a travesty. The next series of Robin
Hood will fail to include trusty sidekick Friar Tuck. The Sun. P23

Meanwhile, catching up on the adventures of Ewan and Charley, I had to stiffle giggles when Jonathan Ross asked them if they spooned at night in he tents. Not any more, alas as Eve is now there and Charley is apparently crying himself to sleep all alone, poor wee lad. Heh. I'm gonna miss the logs when they're done, it's been part travelogue, part soap - grin.

It's certainly kept me entertained, and been something I've looked forward to in the mornings, which has been like gold to me of late, as you might imagine.

Anyhoo, got off early from work yesterday, or rather only an hour and a half past my standard hours and even though I missed one bus, or rather it missed me, refusing to stop, even as I stood in the road flapping my arms like a giant flightless bird - the bastard actually drove around me - I got home in time to do the ironing during Buffy, have a decent tea that didn't involve the microwave and still managed to watch an episode of Supernatural. Wa-hey. So much different when I get away at a decent time (I have to leave before peak hour or after peak else I just sit in traffic for three hours, honestly and really truly actually if I stay back and catch the 7pm bus I'll beat the 5pm bus home. Every time. Because the 5pm bus just sits there for hours and hours then has to stop at every bloody stop where the 7pm one just bangs along - but I still don't get home til eight or nine pm so it's not fun).

So, yes, Winchesters. Happiness. They have such a great dynamic - why must TPTB ruin it? Yes, I know, because it's not attracting teenaged boys who appparently have the desirable disposable income, not professional women. Our disposable income doesn't count, apparently. Messing with tv man-candy because we're a slighted demographic - it's the feminist issue of the age. I'm gonna miss them Winchester boys. Because nothing says cancelled like unecessary network retooling.

So glad I bought it, too. And it's in widescreen (unlike Angel - that still burns). Oh yeah, I should probably explain why I'll happily buy anything British but frown upon US dvds. It's just that I've found, for me, personally, I get more value from Brit dvds. I can happily watch episodes of shows from the 60s and 70s over and over and delight in them every time, and I've discovered recent shows actually improve upon subsequent and repeated viewings (especially my opinion of Robin Hood). Often times I don't really warm to a show until the second or even fourth time 'round, and British shows are so watchable that they actually reward repeated viewings.

With US shows, alas, it's often a case of diminishing returns. Sure, there are standouts and favourites but usually I fall for shows based on hype (both corporate and fan) over substance and there are a great many shows that I once enjoyed but can't stand now (where even Brit shows I watched as a kid stand up to repeated viewings as a jaded adult). Which is why it took Supernatural 1.5 seasons to win me over (I'd been burned, you know?). But you know, there isn't a lot of deep hidden meaning and pointed social comentary lurking beneath the text in Smallville, but there is in some of the silly Brit stuff I've watched recently, even the kiddie shows.

That's not to say the US can't do classic tv. I mean, I was watching Buffy last night. Okay after S4 my interest wanes considerably, but those first four seasons, I can and do watch 'em over and over and find myself rewarded each time.

Meanwhile, someone needs to work out a way for me to deal with people who 'manage' government policy yet can't use a browser. At least something a little more professional than grinding my teeth and swearing under my breath. How, I ask you, and why are these people employed in the 21stC?

Phew, they've all gone. So I'm here all alone. Heh heh heh., or the Banquo's ghost scene? Although it's posssibly more Dickens, I've been reading an anthology of Dickens ghost stories of late. Now there's a man who'd make Word break down and weep for playing fast and loose with commas and the like, and more power to him.

And I don't think I ever properly sang the praises of Macbeth beer. My god, it's good, but you'll be seeing six witches on the way home, I swear. Possibly nine.

Oh, and a friend has given me a tape of last week's Ghost Squad, so I might be able to get it up and online afterall. We'll see, as sadly I live in a country with the world's slowest and most expensive internet. You might be better off just buying it (I often find competitive and timely compared to our fraudband).

Okay, how come scenes that are pure Kurosawa in my head end up pure Monkey on paper. Either I'm really rusty or it's the curse of writing Robin Hood. Bit of both, I suspect. Oh dear....
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Perfect one day ...

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