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Last night was horrible, too horrible to talk about, but before the night of the long knives, I did manage to pick up a coupla dvds and a pizza recipe (man, I'm gonna miss that store, or rather the lovely chappie behind the counter).

Finally caved and bought Supernatural S1, which happily for me was on special, and seeing the original sticker price, I can see why it was relegated to the 'how much do you really want it?' list - although Brit boys usually don't have to pass this means test, but US shows need to demonstrate why, exactly, I should buy them. However, suffering brutal and bitter Winchester Withdrawal as I am, it was time to front up to the counter. Oh yeah, and they'd put the big sticker over Jensen - too funny. Don't know why I was struck prudish about buying it before, I was big time into the Jensen flail during Dark Angel, but maybe it was just too WB for a woman of my advanced years to be buying sans raincoat and dark glasses.

Anyhoo, have it now. Not that I got to watch it or anything neat like that. Also bought Bones because I'm not even managing to catch it on the Fox8 repeats, but what I have seen in bits and pieces has endeared DB to me again anew and it was fun chatting about the pros and pros of DB to the shop boy. Which somehow led to the pizza recipe (olive oil, walnuts, mushrooms, parmesan, no tomats) but I can't remember how, but never mind.

And, since it's a bit quiet this morning (the gods have taken pity and sent management to head office), and if I could get rid of this grinding headache (the result of all that jaw clenching last night, nae doot) I could write something. Which would help. Lots. If I never get 'round to it, mood music includes this and this. To to remind me where I was at.

And, just in passing, I like the beardy Adrian look, but won't it get him thrown off planes? And, just to show I don't play favourites, here's Petrelli The Younger.

Oh, and it's now officially the coldest winter in 21 years, not just me grizzling about it.
2007 Toronto International Film Festival - Canadian Press Conference
The Chinese Nessie?
The Times
Get real, Sydney, Grandma's coat is a bad look
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