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I couldn't get into work today because the greenies had dumped a truckload of coal on the front steps. Normally I'd be all 'bravo, sir' (unfortunately siding with the greenies rather than my assigned masters, alas, in most matters) but this morning all I wanted to do was stagger in and slump in front of a nice hot cup of tea. To be so thoroughly thwarted, well, I wasn't that thwarted, went round the back and asked one of the nice loading dock guys to let me in, but still. I wasn't awake enough to fully appreciate the hijinks, which I think is what annoyed me. That and the minor yet essential delay between getting off the bus and sitting down to a nice hot cup of tea. Brave are those who stand between me and my first cup of tea in the morning.

You'll have to excuse me, I'm dead tired. Knackered. Flat out. On me chinstrap and all that. I know what you're thinking, poor petal, housework getting her down? Well, it's not that, despite the cruel nitpicky comments of others, though it's starting to slip a bit this week, it's just that swinging round to the hospital every night after work takes four hours out of my day and I didn't have four hours to spare, so it's pretty much the four hours I used to spend sleeping. Ouch.

Though I did not off a bit during Torchwood, I will admit, but that's hardly fair, snoozing through telly. I don't even get my Captain Jack treats - grizzle.

Anyway, took the spurtle out for it's first run at a pot. Yes, we had porridge last night for tea. It was pretty much a given when I met my brother at the hospital and we realised neither of us was at home shopping or cooking. The nurses came round and kicked us out early so we squealed home in a taxi and I bubble bubbled while Top Gear started (an all "new" series that is so old I'd seen most of the previews on BBC World repeats). Gawd, Top Gear was funny. This was the one where they sawed the top off a people carrier (we call 'em minibuses) and tried to turn it into a very halfarsed convertible, which they them drove down the highway and through a car wash, with the usual disasterous results. I was screaming with laughter.

The porridge hit the spot, too. And it came up a treat. That's a fine, hand-crafted Caithness spurtle I've got there. My Aunt will be pleased to know her strict porridge cooking lessons were not in vain. (I love porridge and usually have it on hand for very late nights at the office).

With washing up achieved twixt commercial breaks, it was time to bid adieu to the Brothers Winchester. We start the episode with a dead Sam (insert Python sketch here). And I gotta say, I was surprised that a US network show actually let Dean take the drastic steps he did to re-animate his dead brother (and lets not go to the necrophiliac incest place, 'kay?). I mean, it very much rounded out the half-baked theme of the last season (and kudos for finally killing off a plot that really wasn't going anywhere), but still, surprisingly dark and heavy, for a teen monster show (though kiddie monster shows is where the dark and heavy is at, these days).

The railroad pentagram was way cool and sadly only ever mentioned as an aside (it's just begging for a Wild West spinoff, that story), but everything else was kinda in a rush to tie up in neat bows and I'd be far more harsh on the deus ex machina if I hadn't watched it full of warm porridge, which softens a girl, somewhat. I didn't even make retching noises as Dean and Sam competed to declare "I wuvs you more." Actually, they managed to just teeter on the line of sugary without falling over it, both boys bringing enough angst to the table to salt all that sweet with a bit of bitter. A lot of bitter, actually.

Loved the bit where Dean is hauled up by the scruff of his neck by Bobby and screamed at for thinking so little of himself. 'Bout time somebody did it. Poor Dean and his critical lack of esteem issues. It's ripe for tragedy and they do milk it in this episode, that Sam was not only the smart one with promise of a better life, which causes Dean to sacrifice himself again and again, but then, as if it wasn't enough, they lay on the whole older brother thing, having to protect his little brother at all costs, which of course is a running theme through so many American shows I suspect it's from some set text or something, like I'm supposed to get the reference.

But right now, feeling the heavy burden of older siblingness myself, I really do sympathise with Dean and I think they captured the stress and strain and bitter dregs quite well.

Anyhoo, in this case, with Dean's heartbreaking speech about wanting to protect Sam and messing up, I felt it was done far better than most. I like the way that nobody thinks much of Dean, nobody expects much, he's the one without any nifty Jedi powers, etc, yet he's the one with the most sacrifices to make - a proper hero's journey.

Speaking of which, it's the Flying Petrellis on Thurs, as every show wraps up this week.

So, quite like Supernatural with its new mission statement: stop the nasties they accidentally set free (oopsies) and save Dean. The news about the chicks in the cast disheartens me, but if I didn't know that, I'd be totally roll on season three.

I man, I've seen far worse season finales. Nah, I liked this, I liked it lots. Poor forever weeping like a girl little Dean.

Then there was Torchwood, with fat Blake (I'm still with whoever doubted such a small knife could make a significant dent through so much adipose tissue). Again with the pushing the buttons on the alien tech. These are obviously not the sort of people you'd want to travel in a lift with. Always gotta push the buttons. And I'm with SFX. the show has some sort of promise, but swearing and shagging do not equal adult and all the characters and not only thoroughly unlikeable but extraordinarily incompetent. I suppose the whole 'outside the law thing' also relates to occupational health and safety and sexual harrassment laws as well. If these morons are our last line of defence we are so screwed.

So they run about, trying a bit of cold case using alien tech enabled flashbacks, but it's all rather grubby and pointless, much like the series, and it's so hard to deal with the fact this dull and humourless Jack is the very same man who is such a delight in Doctor Who. I guess some characters really do need to be the comedy sidekick after all.

Btw, was very much bemused to see Torchwood interrupted by a scroll across the screen announcing "Free at last!". Oh yes, the Pasha Bulker was free at last (thank god almighty). Silly I know, but it was the local news story du jour, and you know what we're like over big boats.

Btw #2, protests aside, I'm gonna miss this building. And my desk. Loves my desk. My, quite literally, home away from home. One of the new DGs hates this old building and says it reminds him of the Shining, where I thought that was part of it's charm, especially after dark when it creaks and sighs and doors slam open and shut for no reason and ohmygod did that statue just move? Other folks call it Hogwarts and while it is indeed high Victorian gothic, again, what's not to love? Rather it than an old 70s ofice building. No offence.
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