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Ah. You're all going to think this week's BNW is very, very Who centric, but to be honest, I was amused and amazed that from The Age to The Times, there was nowt happening in the world of Brit thesps but Who. Well, okay, there's quite a bit of stuff about a certain student wizard but since I'm afeart to include anything of that ilk lest the site be shut down and myself gaoled, we'll just have to stick with the festival of The Doctor. At least, unless one of my lads does something very silly, either an American film or an unfortunate incident involving an unstable protoype serum and a kiddies' petting zoo (and I'll leave it to yourselves to work out which would be the more shaming).

"Life on Mars’s fabulous John Simm plays the Master, rocking a winning combo of pantomime camp and total psychotic fury. It’s often genuinely unnerving – like watching Keyser Söze play Widow Twanky." - Doctor Who is simply masterful

Well, yes, quite. (and the general consensus is that it's not a spoiler if it's been on the cover of the Radio Times, so there).

Meanwhile, well, can you say multitasking? Take Sunday arvo, fer example: downloading, scanning, washing, cooking, ironing and watching Island at War (Glenister! Boots!), simultaneously. No wonder I'm knackered.

TV? Ghost Squad, aka Jonas fix #1. This time Jonas was giving ol' Joe the stinkeye, on account of being a thoroughly bad egg (must run in the family - snork). I think I reviewed this one way back, and, being pressed for time, I'll just say Jonas v pretty in suit, for a change, but then he blows it all with the worst Bobby Brady shirt ever, and Joseph tries a little v-neck jumper and t-shirt combo that he should never attempt again.

Doctor Who: Squee! Squee and Squee again! David v.pretty, and the bit where he musses up his hair - hee! Yeah, the plot was daft and DT was throwing ham and cheese at the screen like a demented monkey, but this time around, I didn't care. I just wanted to drool, and I did. Still bemused by the evil Stigs though, and little old ladies are always evil, I would have profiled the old biddy from the start.

Also peeked at Utopia and I swear they must have heard my yelps of squee down the end of the block, but more about that later. But I gotta say, loved the Doctor/Jack flirty flirty when they weren't being all standoffish.

Robin Hood: the one where Marian is gutted over having to marry Guy, literally. Frankly, I'm with Marian, as far as fates worse than death go, being shagged rotten by Sir Guy every night isn't something I'd complain about too loudly, especially when the alternative is a vain and arrogant little upstart prancing about like some middleclass student radical you just know is going to end up with a 4wd and a McMansion in his thirties. And, Mr Share The Wealth, that was a very fancy silver pin on the old cloak there - I don't see you melting that down. Just sayin'.

But never mind. Cute Will/Allan, and standby for next week when I rant over those horrid things he'll say to Much and the whole running off in a snit when everything doesn't go his way. How old are you again, Robin?

And speaking of snits and holier than thou 'tudes, Life on Mars, eppy 107, the one where Sam gets all Ghost Squad on the CID, after, I might add, Gene took him on a dinner date. There's gratitude for you. Loved Gene shepherding Sam out of the curry house. Loved wet Sam freaking out in the loo. Loved the fisticuffs in the loo (we've built a loo set and we're gonna damn film in it). Loved Gene not being the slightest bit surprised at Sam's actions, in fact secretly pushing his buttons and being there to catch him when he falls. Awww. So much better than Annie who rants and pouts and then caves - Gene makes Sam meet him on his terms.
There was a bit in there that reminded me of the Master, but for the life of me I can't remember now.

Anyways, gotta go if I want to get home in time for Winchesters & Captain Jack.,,2112503,00.html
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