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and we'll have fun fun fun until they take the blue box away

Where to start? Well, at least I had a wee bit of fun early this morning watching a few clips of the darling Harold Saxon get his jollies on YouTube. I suppose you'd call it Master-bating - ahem.

Sorry. Can't help myself. Watched it a couple of times, with the sound down real low, because I had to (not having had the time to obtain or view Mr Saxon directly). I tell ya, Harry Saxon esq is the only thing keeping me going right now. And if I didn't love John Simm to bitty bits already, I would now. Gorgeous.

Which brings me to my grumble - having to miss The Doctor last night on account of work. Here I am, the only thing I have to cling to is the big blue box, and I have to miss it on account of stoopid work function. Also was not allowed to visit mother. Grump.

And stoopid work anyway. Which is why I'm typing this instead of clearing my inbox. After all that effort I put into being there and trying to sound intelligent (and you won't believe what an effort it was this week) it looks like I have no role at all - not even invited to meetings, so right now my level of investment is aptly described as "meh", with a deep boiling resentment bubbling away in the subterranean levels.

The good news is that the crone is doing much better. Completely arse barking mad, but she always was. I'm more relieved for my brother who was a complete basket case last night - I'm just not I'm up to being Old Reliable Dog Geyser Person for everyone right now. (I mean, the only minutes I've had to myself, and we're talking less than ten, I spent youtubing Simmo, I've not even checked up on Ewan's latest adventures, 'though the poor wee lad was looking well knackered the last time I peeked).

The other good bit was, since I had to walk past the half-yearly sales trudging twixt offices, I've bought a complete set of new fluffy towels etc for the main bathroom, so the social worker won't be wrinkling her nose and making notes on her clipboard re our old scraggy towels that fondly remember a Labor government (mind you, towels were the least of our worries but at least towels are now sorted).

Haven't actually seen any telly this week, aside from the last five minutes of DW last night (though I walked through the door in time for the Mr Saxon namecheck). Oh, no, I tell a lie. We watched Blink on Wednesday, because the lamb roast that I had to get back for before it was ruined came out as lamb sushi (thank you, powercuts) so we had to wait another hour or so and while we waited, well, one of the scariest episodes of DW in ages, and thankyou for finally having some naughty nasty statues back again (yes, I'm an old skool fan, got a problem with that?).

It wasn't perfect but it was pretty damn good and I probably would have been more impressed with the Doc's cunning plan to sort the angels had I not seen Brisco pull exactly the same sort of stunt on Sunday (hmmm). But those angels - eeep! I tell ya, I was giving all the staues that adorn this old building a shifty look the next morning.

And you thought Harry Potter and Supernatural had the last word in nutty fans, right? Well, it just ain't so. Apparently Midsomer Murders is just a hot bed of freaks, if these items are anything to go by:,,2001320029-2007280486,00.html
Midsomer blog mystery,,2001320029-2007280727,00.html
Satanic jibe at Midsomer star

Meanwhile, yay to timely Heroes screenigs and fi to my lack of broadband:
Cult shows air sooner to curb downloads

And in other news:,,2112467,00.html
The new sci-fi
Tom Cruise banned from German military bases
iPlayer to let viewers watch when they want
The renewed Avenger
Team makes Tunguska crater claim
The mystery of Egypt's greatest queen solved
Brits move into shelters as wild weather continues
Blur star Albarn premieres opera in Oasis's backyard
The cartoon companions of Doctor Who
Spike from Buffy heads to Torchwood
Tropical giant penguin discovered
Australian drivers hit below belt
Ice Age ivory 'charm' thought to be oldest intact mammoth carving
Fossils 2007: The golden age of dinosaurs

And lastly, from the Guardian again:

Tony Blair may be leaving office, but he will be remembered by fans of
Doctor Who in their own special way after being immortalised in the
cult sci-fi series ... as the Time Lord's evil nemesis The Master.
Writer Russell T Davies has admitted the character, played by John
Simm, is partly based on the outgoing PM. 'There's an element of
satire,' he said. The Sun P23

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