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Hey there, sports fans. I think I'll skip the usual ruminations and just give y'all a quick recap since it's been a while since I've had any time to actually write an entry (even now I'm multi-tasking with stuff downloading, disks burning and cuppa cooling - Sam would be proud).

Anyhoo, Friday: roused early, checked on work mail, answered some, downloaded one episode of DW (weirdly, fraudband was suddenly faster pussy cat kill kill, at least until I killed my meager limit), cleaned out laundry, took delivery of new washing machine and had old one carted away but new one could not be installed due to wrong taps. Oh nos. Phoned local plumber who was around in under an hour and after some swearing and flooding (wrong plumbing) installed new taps without needing to do anything more expensive or damaging and all done bye bye (mind you, we're talking $$$ for the quick call out). Then I hopped a bus and into work for six hours to catch up, cause I had to (hanging by a thread here, job wise).

I tell ya, I know you won't believe me when I say I asked to leave early so I could visit me old mum in intensive care and they said no, but they did. I swear, the Sheriff could take lessons in utter bastardry from these folks (and speaking of which, there was a lot of Keef this weekend, watching the Bullshitters on dvd and then catching him in an old Morse repeat, at one point done up in drag and just looking way too Lily as to be entirely disturbing).

Never mind, it wasn't all bad as a dear friend at work bought me pizza and a chocolate milkshake for lunch and we sat around, having a nice chat. I was ever so touched and appreciative (though the pizza was a bit unhappy later as I'd not eaten in days). Finally got away from work after six and caught the train/taxi to hospital and visted old mum then home again for a cup of tea and in bed in time for Jonas on Ghost Squad.

It was the really cool one with Jason as the burnt out copper in it, which I loved the first time around. This time around I was just happily zoning out on Jonas's pretty blue eyes. I'm rather fond of Jonas for providing such distracting eye candy right now - it's a great comfort.

Saturday was spent giving the new washing machine a test drive (as per the instructions) and then thrashing the poor bastard as thanks to busted machine/wet weather there was nearly a month's lot to do. In fact, I've still got loads going round. I wasn't quite prepared for the 2.45 cycles, but have happily embraced the 21stC, or at least the 20thC, as it's not one of them newfangled drys and steams ones, but it handled some really nasty stuff and my sparkly top with equal aplomb.

What I really love most about it is the set and forgetness of it, or rather, load up washer, load up drier, watch an episode of Heroes (Petey! Oh nos!) or Brisco then swap loads and iron, or washup or, heavens, get on net. Hee. New toy.

Oh yeah, had a sudden hankerin' to see Brisco County Jr. Why now after 15 years (good grief!) I don't know, aside from finding it while looking for something else, but it was a wet weekend and wet weekends doing the ironing call for cheesy Westerns, in my experience. I was worried it'd be really bad, but no, it holds up against, well, not the Sopranos or Deadwood, certainly, but alongside Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural and Robin Hood, it could certainly teach them a thing or two, especially Robin Hood and Torchwood. Production wise and scriptwise it holds up remarkably well, only being let down by some really bad American tv 'acting', but otherwise, loved every minute of it.

I mean, how could you not love a show that starts with the old Wile E. Coyote
painting the scenery on the side of a rock in front of an oncoming train plot and a discussion of classicism vs impressionism. J'adore. And Bruce Campbell is so darn pretty in it.

Monday was also spent ironing in front of horse operas: Robert Culp playing a clever nasty fellow in an episode of Gunsmoke that could teach these young 'uns a thing or two about plot twists (I was very impressed) and Jonny Lee Miller strutting a thick Texan accent (or cod Texan accent) in Dead Man's Walk. (I had Monday off as I'd intended to go to Melbourne to see the impressionists but that's off, obviously).

Sunday was much the same as Monday, waking to find a rainbow over the back fence which meant no watering of garden required but no hanging of washing on the line either (cleaned out a small cat's worth of lint out of the dryer).

Sunday evening entertainment was much looked forward to and much enjoyed. There was Jonas and his baby blues again, Richard oozing wickedness in his black leather and Sam just being doormatty as always. Aside from the spluttering over the eroneous geography (the back of the Trip???!!!) I love this episode mostly for the Will/Allan. Oh so very very. Just look at the way Allan shoves Will about and looks Will shoots back at him. Hee.

Weirdly, nothing comforted me quite so much as seeing Sam in ads for Life on Mars this week. Ah, take me to the happy place. It was the hostage taking one. Lots of people don't like it but I don't mind it (really, it's only Reg's home perm that really, really puts me off). I like Jackie Kelly and the UST with Gene, and Sam's spikey jealousy thereof. Then there's Sam and Gene, handcuffed together, the lifesaving hipflasks, the 'best moments' discussion, Gene taking the mick over Sam's 21stC procedures, as always, and Sam's wary expression when Ray hands him a cup of tea. So much to love.

Oh yeah, last night was Supernatural/Torchwood night. How on earth could I forget? Pentultimate SPN was deep in Sammy arc territory, which meant lots of Sam frowning, Sam being all touchy feely (which is even harder to take apres the pisstake episode) etc, etc. Lots of Dean angst and contracts not renewed/under negotiation, too, I note. I shall avoid spoilers for next week ep, which may or may not involve sorting out the plot arc they seem to have gotten bored with, having already rewritten a large part of the rules or mythos last night (did I say army of darkness? I meant a more budget conscious right hand man).

And Torchwood. Kinda sucking less second time around, probably because now I'm not expecting anything much but I still hate all the characters bar Jack and Ianto and Gwen's long suffering doormat and the whole show me thi earth thing you call kissing plot was hardly adult, nor particularly rendered well, and for a secret organisation, not so secret. Was bemused by Jack having kittens over the severed hand - I just don't want to think of what he gets up to late at night alone in the hub with that thing (and yes, I've seen the hand in spoilery screen caps so I assume it's having adventures). Maybe Jack could train it ala Thing. Maybe not.

And speaking of things blue boxy:

From the Guardian:
All is not that well behind the scenes at Doctor Who, apparently.
David Tennant has been bombarding writer Russell Davies with texts
about the Master, played by John Simm. At issue? The evil rival to
the Doctor has a bigger, flashier sonic screwdriver, which Tennant
complains is an "outrageous" snub to the time lord. Daily Star, P3

Btw, my mobile hasn't worked since it was fondled by the Master. Coincidence? Ha!
Harold Saxon,,2001320029-2007280416,00.html
Mars writers pen Aardman film
Gallery gadgets help Mona Lisa keep her smile,21985,21925049-5006022,00.html
Naval blazing
Kelly Gang rides into history,,2106348,00.html
Too many parents still fear for their jobs
Spoiler t-shirt
BBC 'failings' over Hammond crash
If you know how it ends, will you still go see the film?
Voco clock
Heroes Cast Launches World Tour
12 Breeds of Client and How to Work with Them
Heroes: Five Years Gone

And somebody sent me a few fanwanks (not sure what sort of comment they were trying to make, or why they thought this week was the week to make it):
Wherein Kirk and Spock Make the Man Love With The Cast of Heroes and Jane Eyre pokes Rocky Balboa
Shipping is for sailors
Sorry, No Fanfic Sale

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