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From the laughably titled (please, I may injure myself) article, Emmy Contender: Robin Hood, comes this:
Underappreciated character: "I particularly enjoy Much -- played by Sam Troughton -- who hasn't really had a screen presence before now but comes from a long line of actors -- his grandfather (Patrick) used to be a 'Dr. Who.' I love him, because his part could be throwaway because he's a comic foil, but actually he's got real integrity underneath. But at the same time, he doesn't shy away from playing the character in a vivid way."

Which is a nice 'yay, Sam' moment and serves as suitable spoiler space before I get onto :

Bless YouTube and all who sail in her, for though DW spoilerly bits go up and down faster than a narcoleptic crack whore, at least if I'm lucky enough I get to see bits and pieces before they're pulled because it is just killing me right now, not seeing what you've all seen.

And, as an aside, our complete and utter and woeful lack of broadband in this tin pot little fucked up country is now the front page election issue du jour, but it still don't get me Simmo in da TARDIS. Grump.

You know, I wasn't all that thrilled with this season of DW. Oh, cats again, New York again, Daleks again, yawn. Where, I wondered out loud, where the old evil statues, beloved of yore ("Chap with the wings, five rounds rapid")? Where were the creepy kids in creepy boarding schools ala old Cure videos (based on creepy books) that so I so loved as a child? Could they not, just once, give me a scarecrow or a morris dancer? Well, why yes, yes they could.

So I've seen the screencaps, I've seen the grainy trailers, and I just can't wait. And that was before they got up to the biggest bit of cheesecake on offer. Oh yes, the secret I was sworn to is revealed at last: The Master. Who knew the boy had so much ham in him? Not a halal performance at all and my gosh, they must make the DW sets out of sugar, H&G style, as every guest actor seems to need to dine on the scenery with gusto. But at least the question that has been bugging me since seeing Nero as to who was campier: Sir Derek or The Simm, has been answered definitively. Oh my. Oh my indeed. More please. And doesn't he just look like he's having a ball? Too cute. (Finally, old grimchops has cheered up).

Oh yeah, baby, I love The Master. Always did, but now, whoo, baby.

I suppose I'll just have to settle for watching Claws of Axos tonight, but somehow, not quite the same.

I was watching bits of Inferno last night, while waiting for the SPN/TW double. Ah, evil Brig - heh. Complete with eye patch - they know all the classics.

As do SPN. Ah, the old AU episode, this time sadly with no eye-patched or goatee stroking Sammy (pity) but more along the lines of a diabetes type 2 flirting version of It's A Wonderful Life, whereupon Dean has to choose between the siren allure of suburban bliss (and honestly, how long would he seriously last before going stir crazy?) or the harder path, with the lives of women and children thrown in his face to really kick it home that some are called and some are chosen. Poor old Dean.

But there was some really nice brotherly love going on (enjoy it while you can, as I hear S3 will have new and improved and extra added het) and somehow it just managed to skirt this side of sickly sweet.

Then onwards and upwards (?) to Torchwood. On Channel Ten. With ads. And it felt oddly weird to be watching Mr Barrowman on a fullsized tv instead of a YouTube sized window. It was also kind of jarring to hit the thick Welsh accents after SPN, even though we were still with the whole monsters thing. Ah well, at least Torchwood makes SPN look like big budget - smirk.

It was just the pilot, which we've all seen, and which I'd seen more times than I cared to on the inflight entertainment (it ran with Robin Hood) and to be honest I was a bit too tired and mersyndolled to be able to tell for sure if it was cut or not, but I think I detected a few slices here and there. I can't wait for the first proper 'show me this earth thing you call kissing' episode next week, especially after the beat upin the paper over tv sex and violence oh nos (that old chesnut, you'd think cyclones and shootings wouldn't count as a slow news week). But last night it all seemed rather tame, though the callousness of the Torchwood team is there right from the start, they're all very self involved and shoot first. It makes SPN look like a chick flick.

Ah well. Another day done. Home to hot chocolate and dvds, if I'm lucky. And more hot water bottles.
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