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These boots are really, really high. How on earth am I supposed to run away from daleks in them?

And why I was thinking that is because I caught myself in the mirror at work, in my big coat with the fake fur collar, big big platform boots, my skivvy and the big dangly Indian beads and the big flared denim skirt and I realised, good grief, I've gone to work dressed like Jo Grant. Heh.

Which makes me wonder if very young and impressionable lasses will be dressed like chavs when they're long past old enough to know better. Well, it'd be an interesting social experiement, at any rate.

I have cheered up quite a bit. Chocolate and Peter Petrelli did the trick, as I hoped they would. I even bought some drinking chocolate from Haigh's, which really wasn't anything to write home about but I deeply, deeply coveted the tin box it came in. I know, so much for not spending money I don't have on things I don't need, but last night, being so cold and wet, why, hot chocolate was practically medicinal.

Anyoo, Petrelli the Younger. It was the episode where Hiro jaunts (and yes, I am using that word specifically, since I'm in 70s UKSF mode today) five years into the future (which was a clever conceit to pull off the old dream episode where everyone dies). I gotta say, as much as I like weepy wailing emo boy Pete, dark badass Pete was really, really, really working for me last night. Oh yeah, baby. Gimme some darkness, a few scars, some stubble and issues. Oh man. That was comic angst crack and I loved every minute of it.

Not too sure about the hookup with Nikki though, though when I think about it, it makes sense, Pete still being an emotional leech and Nikki being much with the issues, but behold the complete lack of chemistry (thus disproving the Pete has chemistry with anything rule) and the whole pole dancing mum thing? Took me too much to the Nandos place, which ran that very ad during the show anyway, just in case I hadn't made that unhappy journey.

Meanwhile Mohinder is proving himself an unexpected slash wild card, though it really still was just slashy fun with Sylar (but Mobaby didn't know that). The real cuteness though was Hiro and Ando. Awww. The whole geeky office boys American road trip was one thing, but this took it to a whole 'nother level (and hello to the Kurosawa yojimbo riffs).

But yeah, Petey boy struttin' his stuff - so much to love. It's almost enough to get me dragging out my old X-Mens, if they weren't load bearing X-Mens (sheepish grin).

Oh, joy, I've just spent most of today being carpeted. More carpets than a persian rug factory, me. Oh yes, if I don't stop being tired, demoralised, cranky, ill and occassionally flakey (with the flu, jet lag, wreck of a home life and no promise of a job) I'll be booted out, so service with a smile from now on, or else, and not so much as a comma out of place. Yes, ma'am. Will paint smile on. So very The Happiness Patrol. Or Alphaville, if you want to be all French and monochrome.

Sigh. And I actually was in a good mood until I ended up with carpet burns. I'd step in front of a bus if I wasn't having too much fun strutting around in my new boots.

Oh, I also went to the post office, and the chick there was really quite put out that I wanted to post things and buy stamps. LLike what did I think they were, a post office?! But anyways, just so as you know:
S: your thank you is in the post
X: your disk is in the post
P: your replacement disk is in the post
H: ditto

And M, thanks ever so for the Heroes. Your stuff will be in the post next week, promise, promise, promise.
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