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Tuesday: Ack. I think I might have just accidentally spoiled myself. I said spoiled, not soiled, as in inadvertant casting plot spoilers. At least, I think I did. Or rather, it occured to be as I was making a cup of tea and mulling over this morning's google alerts over how actor X could be in play C if he's supposed to be filming tv show B. Then it occured to me how this seeming scheduling conflict could be resolved. Oh. Oh dear. Oh bother.

Wibble. Well, it was pretty obvoius that if any of my fave telly characters at the moment had a big red cross on his back it was him, but still. We'll see. But to borrow from the original space pirate: "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Which of course makes me even more grizzly and grumpy over missing various episodes of Who, Hood and Simm over the weekend to house duties. Come on, just gimme the Jonas pretty and I'll be quiet, but no. And it was the OMG the slash episode of R Hood, too. You know, the one with the rubber ducky bath-time fun scene and the bit with the Sheriff and Guy that goes on so long I just cringe and beg it to stop. It's just so disturbing.

My fault I suppose, as I delayed the casserole because I wanted to watch Girl in the Fireplace (one of my fave episodes ever) and of course casseroles always take three times longer than what the recipe says. And as for these recipes, every time 1/3 of the ingredients required weren't listed in the ingredients. Nice one. You'd get down to #4: now take six eggs and it'd be "F-..." and down to the shops in the rain again.

My fault about Simmo in Cracker too, I suppose, though I stomped and grumped so much I was red carded onto the couch anyway so I did get to see half of it. Yep, Best Boys. Good grief, but he's young in that. I feel like such a dirty old lady, watching that.

Speaking of which, damn nearly missed JoJo on Friday night too, just threw the last of the washing up in a dirty sink and bolted as I got home late and the shopping was un-unpacked.

Not to say I didn't get some help, but I still missed out on my weekly telly and as there's nothing else in my life (no books, films, music or friends) I was a bit, well, miffed.

Why is all fat free food, the only food I'm allowed to eat, always cold? I want something hot and warm, dammit, but all winter comfort food is a no go zone. And don't you dare say lentil soup. there's only so much lentil soup a person can consume in a lifetime before turning psychotic and thanks to an impoverished decade as a student I'm well past my limit. Obviously.

You'll have to 'scuse the grumpy. I'm cold, tired, miserable, suffering under an insane and intolerable regime, I'm not even sure if I have a job from day to day, the house is falling apart around my ears, I'm watching a parent die of old age before my eyes, I'm all alone and I didn't even get to watch Robin Hood on the telly (ie last straw). Grumpy as.

Wednesday: Just had take my wee mobile to phone hospital. After all our adventures, now it decides to go all white screen of death on me. Aparently they've got to reboot it so I'm gonna lose the Simmo picture (that I would have never, ever ever have deleted otherwise). This week just keeps getting better and better. and I've been guilted into going out, on top of having to buy a washing machine, shopping, and sawing up all the big branches that fell down. So much for scanning (and I had it all bookmarked, too, including the Hungarian mag). And writing? I don't think I'll ever get five minutes to myself again (insert silent scream here).

I did, however get to watch Supernatural, if only because it's on after them buggers have gone to bed (hooray). It was the old going undercover in gaol episode, so there wasn't much in the way of original going on, but the lads and the cheap thrills, or the cheap thrill of the lads, made it watchable. This episode really showed up the class divide the brothers struggle with, as a friend was discussing elsewhere, Sammy being all white collar coastal and tertiary educated, Dean being all bluecollar midwestern with the car and tapes, etc. Here again we had Sam making his patented cat's bum face as Dean gets him in another fine mess, and, my fave, whining pissily that Dean just fitted so well into the whole gaol culture while poor Sam was just trapped and horrified the whole time.

Poor Sam and his trailer trash bro. It's like Niles from Frasier on the road with Earl, at times. The best times. Because it's very funny. Yep, they're really digging that whole Odd Couple vibe.

And oddly realistic, being the trailer trashy end of a very snobby family myself. You wouldn't think you could have such a class divide in the one family, but you'd be wrong. Even with my brother, it's so obvious who the precious tie wearing one is, and who has the black Acker Dacker t-shirt.

And now I gotta go cause I gotta go and pick up my now erased phone (weep) and I'm realkly tired of the shit being heaped on me today. So not in the mood for suckholes playing stupid games.
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