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it's raining, it's pouring

It is bucketing down. I shall not complain, however, no matter how cold and wet my feet get (and I can put up with any hardship but damp feet) because if it rains tomorrow as well I won't have to get up at sparrow's to water the garden on Sunday, and this, after this week, can only be a good thing.
(more: holiday snaps, a selection)

Of course it's only raining because it's the long weekend, just about the only one we've got left, unlike those Englanders who seem to have every second Monday off, jammy bastards (though I was grateful that one time, there were two bank holidays while I was there, when I was having to drag luggage up and down the Tube with a very busted ankle, cause it was just me and I could take my own, agonising, time).

We should have more long weekends, it's sort out the water shoratages, so says the chap on the door here. Bugger me, but I'm going to miss my desk here. Lovely little office, so sweet, fireplace in the corner, very homey, even with the drafts and the fumes from the bus that revs and revs and revs some more below the balcony every evening (I have complained to the bus company and even received an apology but the bastard still does it).

Oh, I also need to apologise for the slight delay re the disks I promised. I have to find it first and as we're all aware I was a bit worse for wear last night (all that auld lang syne stuff) and not that bright this morning and decided to skip the comedy game show bit where I stumble about trying to find said disks. Tomorrow, promise.

Speaking of disks owed, was delighted to find a slightly soggy parcel containg further installments of the Tooders (that's the Tudors to you and me). I must say I was bemused to find a painting of that wrestling match in Hampton Court, and the canvas tents and even the grog fountain, but Harry didn't look half as buff as JRM.

Was gutted that Cardinal Yards of Silk Sammykin's apartments were closed, but that at least put the lie to the 'everything's open in the Summer' line I've been fed over the years. I'll stick to going in Winter from now on (and, honestly, the day I went to Hampton Court, it was colder and wetter than any Winter's day here anyway).

For one thing, the airfares are half the price, and sure, stuff is shut, but what's open I get to myself or at least only have to share with a few locals and/or enthusiasts which make the best sort of folk to rub shoulders with, especially when a local enthusiast decides to bend my ear with his or her own potted history of the place. I love that. It's why I travel, just to hear people's stories.

I heard so many on my last trip, met so many lovely folks: Atila the taxi driver, the boy from Paisley, the two Sydney lads in the Louvre sharing my horror over the price of a drink and a sandwich (about $30 in Pacific pesos, which is three times what it would cost here), the chatty guard at Sir John Soane's house, the red haired girl who sat next to me at the National Theatre (we carried on like old school chums, the darndest thing), my fellow travellers on that rail trip to Scotland, the girls in Venice, the pub in Wick, the chap stoking the fire at Hampton Court...

Just marvellous. Itchy feet? You bet.

TV last night? Just Heroes which was on when I staggered in (or wobbled and weaved, that last glass of wine knocked me for six and usually I'm sober by the time the bus finally pulls into my town, but not so this time). Yeah, as if they'd kill Pete (again, more fake deaths than old Danny Jackson, at this rate). I had been spoiled on the ending so it was ho hum ho hum but never mind, I do love a superpowered soap and Heroes does nicely, thankyou (even if, like in any soap, some characters and their timewasting arcs are excuses to go make a cuppa).

Btw, still bragging about trip: "the last time I had a beer was in London with [clang! name drop!]" and "that time on the Orient Express, after the four course dinner in the dining car and I came back to find my cabin all made up for the night and the most gorgeous Vienna torte in a gorgeous little box sitting on the pillow (which I shared with my most beloved Aunt)". Clang, clang, clang. I deserve wet feet for my shameless gloating, but I can't help myself. Had a wonderful time.
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Nyugati Railway Station
Venice-Simplon Orient Express
Crathes Castle
Kildrummy Castle
Hampton Court
Windsor Castle,_Caithness
Cairngorms National Park Authority

Click on image for a larger version (full sized versions or zip files of all the pics available to masochists upon request).

Wick, UK

Hampton Court, UK

Balmoral, UK

Crathes Castle

Kildrummy Castle


Windsor Castle

Coins not accepted

Room with a view

VSOE @ Nyugati

Muddy brown Danube



Nude at the Louvre


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