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Well, there was big blue box on the telly last night. There was an ad, right before the Chaser (and after the Jonas/Jonas/Life on Mars ads). Whoo hoo.

Much more excited about that, though the "Captain Jack is coming" ads on Channel Ten amuse me, because, well, ooo er.

Sorry. It's like that damn breakfast cereal box from the Co-op. Come on, Britain, you can't force feed me a diet of The Two Ronnies and Are You Being Served as a mere babe and then get all stern and annoyed if I titter ever so over the disclaimer that the cereal was made on premises "where nuts are handled frequently."

Boom! Boom!, as Basil Brush would have put it. But moving on. Yes, Doctor Who, at last. Well, it's pretty good, considering the years it took to get Ghost Squad or Life on Mars out here.

And there was some Doctor Who in my evening, one episode saved up for a rainy day. Well, it wasn't raining (then), but I watched it anyways, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the Daleks in NY NY one, part one only (ack), but cute idea over the whole Daleks built the Empire State Building thing, how very Sky Captain of them (though I quibbled over the interior detail as it's a fave of mine) and yes, hard hats required for the message, and, honestly, the Daleks are nothing compared to our Work Choices legislation, so I was wryly amused that the Daleks are far less awful than local politicians. Then there was the whole 'daleks, again?' thing which is a far cry from the terror and delight they used to invoke. Also, pig guys, again? Change the record already. But I did like the soong and dance number (well, it had to happen sooner or later). How very Temple of Doom of them.

But I shall sit on my quibbles because I was desperate for some new Who and it did the job nicely. And at least it wasn't set in London, though it seems the only other alternative setting is NY. Sigh. For a show about a dude who can go anywhere, any time, it's a bit piss poor, you know?

And the excuse that it'd look cheap, well, it's Doctor Who, innit? I mean, it's not like they've ignored, oh no, they've embraced the whole 'this script's a bit crap lets run up and down some corridors a lot' thing Who used to do which drove me bonkers with boredom as a kid so you can imagine the molar grinding going on now. That they cling do, but wobbly alien locales, no sir. Bollocks.

No wonder RTD is so miffy over the shows that came behind, and did it better.

Speaking of which. dug out Dougie Henshall in Sea of Souls again. I don't think I've mentioned it online, just to friends, but I loved it. It got dud reviews, the poor thing, but I don't think those reviwers were watching it on a cold dark winter's night with the lights out because even this time around I was just thoroughly creeped out in places.

Of course this means I've no Dougie left to tide me over the weekend, unless I get out Sharpe's Justice again, but I think I've seen it too many times of late. Mind you, six degrees of Buffy/Angel, Life on Mars and Primeval.

I wonder what other non genre shows can boast such a genre lineup? I can only think of the first episode of Ultimate Force, which as Sam Troughton (Hex), Jamie Bamber (Battlestar) and that Surinder bloke from Heroes in it (and Tobias if you count Bond as genre). Any others?

I wasn't the only one watching DW last night, and I might get a bit huffy here because they didn't put out the bins, which I had to this morning, in the pitch dark and pouring rain and tripping over trees and hoses and now I have to go into a meeting looking exactly like I've been dragged through a wet hedge backwards, because, well, I was. Grumble.
Split Decision
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The decade that television forgot

PM update: two meetings and a farewell that turned into a wake. Am pished, but have the grocery shopping done online. I wuvs the 21stC sometimes, I really do. Now just to stagger home, I guess.

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