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Was surprised to find a parcel from the UK had arrived yesterday, as just about everything is accounted for, bar the couple that are MIA and AWL.

This was a small parcel from my Aunt, enclosing part two on the punk CD they were giving away with the Times (I snaffled part one, and you know you're really old when you actually want the free cd, and that songs you like are on the free cd at all). But, better than that, she wrapped it in the very highland cow tea towel I'd been sulking and pouting over not buying. At last, I have it! Behold and glory in its tweeness.

Okay, so it's the small things :)

Went home sick yesterday, and will do the same today as I can't do anything right, whether it's buying birthday cakes or doing routine jobs I've always done. Everyone wants to find fault and, while the cramps are barely there the hormones, they're swilling up and down like some deep ocean storm.

Besides, yesterday was okay. Okay, so the house is still a biohazard and Dell Boy just doesn't want to play nice at all (he's got a cd stuck in him now, on top of everything else - answers on a postcard, please), I did sit down in my fluffy bed socks and go through all the postings on the Long Way Down BBC site, which was fun.

Ewan seems very chipper this trip, which is nice (though, truth be told, it was the massive McGregor strops that made LWR so entertaining). I am bemused (and a little disappointed) that it looks like our paths crossed in Scotland more than a Book of Kells knotted scroll, but never mind. Maybe he was one of them mad cyclists that nearly ran the jag into the hedges - grin.

Didn't watch much telly at all last night. Yes, I've got stacks of dvds to watch but there was much point as there was every chance I was going to nod off like a nanna, which I did. Flipped around and spotted Milo with roolly roolly bad hair in what turned out to be (ack) Gilmore Girls, with a very young and pretty Jared and a whole lotta other dudes who populate the US airwaves. So, no longer a GG virgin, but it did bemuse for the five minutes or so until Bones started on Fox8. since when was Bones on Fox8? It wasn't even on the guide, but as I was in the mood for Angel it was near enough as good enough and I fell asleep and missed most of it anyway. And, bugger me, but that Miracles show listed is actually the Skeet show - had no idea. Fox8 has become such a dumping ground for bad US reality shows that I've not watched it in years, but suddenly, the only channel with anything vaguely not brain killing on. Sure, I'd seen both eps before, but like I said, still a bit jet laggy and I wasn't anything but mildly put out when I slept through the bulk of it. At least I got some sleep.

And now I'm gonna take up the example of my tv heroes and flounce outta here all petulant and the like (I actually do have a certified 1/2 day but I usually don't take 'em) 'cause I've had it up to here with all this crap and nastiness. So much for giving up my precious time for these people. Enough already.

Besides, I want nothing so much as a nice hot cup of tea and a spot of Doctor Who. Those crazy new episodes you folks are gushing over would be good, but I'll settle for something borrowed and something blue.
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