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I should have changed that stupid lock

Not too much of a happy camper this morning. To be sure there was Dougie, Simmo, the Gene Genie and Jonas for all, but RL sucketh mightily.

First there was the discovery that while I might still be on the lists per se, I have no actual job, and the other depts have no interest in me, I was just there to hand over the old sites. So, prolly not employed by Xmas.

Then there was missing out on drinkies for an ex-colleague because nobody bothered to tell me. Which means I wasn't invited. Which upset me.

Then there was PuddingGate on Saturday. Nobody wanted anything exotic on Sat so I just made pasta and (store bought) pesto but I wanted a treat so I made up some (newly bought) parfait glasses with yoghurt, berries (alas Woolies only ran to a box of ancient blueberries) and topped with a bit of cream, to entice the crone to eat something halfway healthy, but one didn't want pudding so I blithely assumed that meant pudding for all but one, but it really meant no pudding for anyone. I forgot that wee cousin L had a similar sulk and ended up throwing his drink at me. Same story, only slightly bigger toddler. So I've got badly skinned knuckles from having to pull out the microwave to search for a (not) missing cup and a concussion from hitting a low lying branch on the tree because the bins were parked there and not under the tree when I was sent to search bins with torch. Wailed on lawn in freezing cold but nobody cared.

And all I wanted was pudding then Primeval on telly. Too much to ask.

Sunday managed to get even worse as AP decided to come along on shopping trip to old faithful soon to be demolished mall (sniff, wail). Everything was half price so I bought a fluffy dressing gown (for the next late night rubbish bin run) and four new towels for $11 each, because I could see through my old towels on the line on Saturday (thus proving it wasn't just me having been spoilt of late re non threadbare towels, though it certainly reminded of what real towels are like), as well as the groceries including 2kg of spuds.

So I'm staggering onto the bus with no hands free and AP, being a typical old lady with a handbag that never closes decides to upend it because it can't find it's ticket, so everything goes tumbling down the bus steps and I have to drop everything and crawl under the bus and in the gutter (in fave t-shirt and jeans) and try and catch up all coins, keys, cards etc as quickly as possible. I come up swearing like a wharfie so everyone scowls at me for losing my rag, but, well, it's like this 24/7 and my 'you know whats' had just started so I wasn't best equipped to deal (with anything, really).

Then, then, mind, I had to go down the local shops to get all the stuff not put on list and then while I'm trying to make tea it gets all upset because I'm not making sandwiches which had never been mentioned before, when it was there and nodded happily when I bought the salmon and vegies that afternoon. Arrrrrgh!

Okay, so it's not much, but all I wanted to do was watch a bit of telly in the evening. I've given up on reading, writing, watching dvds or getting online. But now I don't even get the half dozen shows I want to watch.

Consider me snapped like a pencil. And really, really ashamed that I lost my rag in public like that.

At least I did get to watch Life on Mars, and loved every minute of it. It just makes me sad that a month ago I was Little Miss London Adventures, and now I'm crawling under buses for house keys. And getting yelled at by my boss. And not sure if I have a job from one day to the next. Please, can I wake up now? Or maybe just stay in bed and never wake up. Talk about yer comedowns.

Anyhoo, Life On Mars gave us the usual science shits on instinct argument (which is an interesting philosophical discussion in of itself) also Gene was right, the guy who spoke first did have something to do with it (and I'm bemused how Gene's law bears out in real life investigations) but as for Sam's faith in the infallibility of fortensics, uh, no. There was a good article in the Sunday rags about DNA being just as fallible as a hunch or a confession because it can only show that yes, there's DNA there, not how or why it got there, so it's open to contextual intrepretation and misrepresentation not to mention contamination my any number of ways, so it's not black and white at all.

Just sayin'. There's a lot in what Gene says about having to make snap judgements re dodgy behaviour (having been in a job where it was required, once).

Thern there was the whole stuck on a theme bits, with Sam's thorough investigative process (in fact most of the best lines are rehashed in S2 to diminishing returns) and all the keep fighting codas (well, that worked) and the factory as living thing theme, which I always found lovely, ditto the social upheaval that underpinned the episode but didn't jump up to shout and score points, Quincy style, like S2. Ah, for the days when LOM could actually boast the odd subtle and reflective moment.

Still love Annie's comment about houses should be houses (though we knock down rather than reuse here so I'm kinda torn) but the best bits are of course the whole 'surrounded by armed bastards' shootout, Sweeney style (yes!), the Sam/Gene moments (including the gay boy science comment but mostly the honest concern during and after the shooting), the fight with RCS (it's getting that way with the other depts here) and Sam looking all tousled at the very end (and Gene mercifully cutting across the Sam/Annie to get his slice of the Sam pie).

Murphy's Law S3 wrapped up with MF offed very early on (so my general miffment) and everything else neatly tied up in a little bow. Ghost Squad was the smack addicted undercops episode (which you can so tell I'd not seen before - heh, as if) and Jonas looking awful in green (sorry, kid) but yummy in blue and all angsty when he's not being uber flirty but that Village People hard hat still had me tittering. Sorry. And he still has no arse to speak of, but somehow I cope. (I also had a very weird fever dream that had the Ghost Squad/Murphy's Law team sent into investigate the stats skewiing homicide rate of Midsomer and really, really being out of their depth deep in the nest of murderous middleclass vipers - I suspect another dramtised version of my recent holiday experiences, but I'm airing it only because it's such an off kilter plotbunny it deserves an honourable mention).

Primeval wrapped up, too (so lookit, less telly to watch) and there was an absolutely gushing write up in the Weekend Australian (alas, never online) but yeah, it's a good little show in the does what it says on the tin line, and I can't wait for more, though it looks like the soapy elements might overwhelm next time round. And Lester was never really evil, just brusque (I've had far worse in the corridors here). And is the fact that Nick and Stephen are sushi sisters less slashy or more slashy? I can't decide.

Robin Hood was slashy. There was the whole Guy/Robin thing, which included bondage, fighting, threats of torture, more fighting, and smug taunts about Guy always thinking about Robin whilst in Robin's bed (is that why there are always so many sheets on the line at Locksley, then?).

And what the heck is up with Robin's hero worship of Richard anyway? It makes Guy look like the sane sensible one, which he is, he just wants to better himself, unlike Robin who prats about like a spoilt brat on a gap year.

So, yeah, on that level it never really works because yes, please, absolutely, give Robin a dark side, but in execution he just looks petulant and deluded. All that rage for Richard? Makes me wonder if Robin didn't have a whole mancrush thing going on there (because you know what they say...).

And then there's poor Much. Irritating sidekick schtick aside, the way Robin uses and abuses the 'friendship' in this episode beggars belief. First he tells Much to fuck off in no uncertain terms (and to see poor lil Much's heart break is just too sad) then he whines and tells Much he's his bestest friend in the whole world if he'll just do this one thing for him.

Oh, Much, get out of there, girlfriend, he's just no good for you.

Robin is way harsh and way out of line because Much is right, afterall. And the look he gives Much at the start when he wakes up and finds Much watching him and knowing exactly where his thoughts were. I wonder if Robin doesn't resent it that Much knows him too well, that he can't lie or hide from Much. Alas, familiarity has bred contempt. Sometimes I see Much as Robin's sin eater, and Robin despises him for it.

In any case, it didn't show Robin in a very good light at all, but I guess they were just following the sulky Buffy template (you know, the episodes where she rows with the Scoobies and flounces off because only she knows the true burden of herohood, etc, etc, only Joss did it much better, bar the awful last season). And I think because they were using a template, it felt like it came out of nowhere. Now if they'd played more with the Robin as damaged vet heart of darkness thang, that would make more sense, and at least be a little more grown up than the whole 'take my bat and ball and go home' strops which Robin keeps falling into.

No wonder Guy keeps grinning. All he has to do is sit tight and wait for Robin to get bored with his new mates. Oh yeah, did like it when Guy doesn't show any concern until Much freaks, then, and only then, does he realise Robin isn't just playing at tv tough guy (and, gawd, the A Teamness of it all really annoys me so much but I just have to put up with it, I know, but it'd be sooo much better if it were on later and allowed to be the darker show it wants to be).

But never mind. Been through all this before. The main thing is this episode had lots of boys tied to trees, rather like the second episode where I kept losing count of how many times the outlaws tied up and stripped each other. Nope, not seeing the slashy vibes at all [/sarcasm mode].

Oh yeah, did get to watch Buffy early in the am on Saturday (while pretending to be still abed). It was the one where Angel goes all evil/bad boyfriend on her and I still get weepy everytime she wanders in, checks out the Angel trinkets (boyfriend bonfire, stat, girl) and just crumples. Gets me everytime. It's a perfect episode about womanhood - you fall for a guy, they break your heart, you blow out another candle. Repeat.

Even a decade on (ye, gods), I love that episode. It's not perfect but it works and it gets me and it has funny moments and heartbreaking moments and boo hiss moments and it makes narrative sense. One wishes the plague of Buffy Wannabes could take note of what worked, rather than just what they thought was cool. Le sigh. But yeah, classic episode.

Heh. Between Guy and Angel and DI Tyler, man, there's been a lot of black leather going on re my (oft delayed) weekend viewing).
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