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still haven't got the hang of thursdays

Well, the important new is that the Gene Genie has the elderly nun vote sewn up. Heh. Now that it's showing here it is the unlikely show of the week over at a nunnery where a friend of a friend works, and she thought they'd be all over long suffering Sam, but no, it's Mr Hunt who has them all hot to trot.

Okay, maybe it's just us but we found this vaguely amusing.

I've also caught up on 600+ posts in my flist, but alas LJ wouldn't let me go back any further (you lot: post, post, post - shakes head), so if you posted anything really cool in the last month, please drop me a line. I feel like I've missed something (and probably have).

I'm also still trying to catch up on the forums, too, which is something I wanted to do because things were, well, I was going to say afoot but that would be... unkind. But I did want to catch up on news and stuff. At least one of them has all the media files nicely organised so I can dive in and spare myself the worst of the intense squeeing. Not that I'm against a good, long and sustained squee, but on days like these (with a backlog from hell) it's nice to have the squee and the news sorted into seperate folders :)

Other than that, I made a liar of myself and ended up actually wearing my Old Pulteney coat down here. I didn't think it'd get cold enough, and it ain't now, but in the pitch black and frosty west this morning it was, and I was so glad of it. That's our one day of Winter, then.

I do love my jacket, bought at the distillery which was my first port of call this trip to Scotland (I'm not usually that much of a lush but it was a rail/bus trip from hell that required a wee dram or three to steady the nerves). It cost $$$ but it's so comfy and warm and waterproof. Of course it's a men's jacket (yeah, cross-dressing me) so it actually does keep one warm and dry, unlike me ladies coat, which does neither. But at least the girlie coat is stylin', which I think is why folks were far more polite and helpful than they've ever been in the past.

Only one guy really took the piss, the guy in the train station at Luton who decided to keep appending the word 'mate' to every sentence while I was trying to ascertain how to get to freakin' London (the usual EasyJet cockups, missed a chance to see the Cutty Sark, forever, now). I just gave him my 'I'm 5/8 Scottish and in no mood for this' death stare and he soon, but not soon enough, shut up and sold me a ticket.

Oh yeah, while I was wandering the blustery streets of NE Scotland, and getting value for money from my jacket, I was bemused that while we were crossing the road my cousin snarled 'my arse will beat your car everytime' to some bugger who squealed round the corner and tried to intimidate. I was bemused because I utter the very same when trying to cross the road to the local shops. Heh. Same temper, same arse, different side of the planet. Looks like it's genetic determinism. (This is why I travel so far, it's such a novelty to be with people like me).

The bad news is I've put all the weight I lost back on. In my defence, the instructions say take the pills with food, but I think that's just because it's funnier that way. Sadists.

TV wise, I've only watched Supernatural this week. There's been a lot of straight through the door, face down onto pillow going on this week, though I did have to sit through an abduction episode of ST:TNG of SciFi last night during the nuking of the tea, which was dreadful (tea and ST) and a textbook example of why people quite rightly laugh and point at SF shows (technobabble up the wazoo) but nobody could understand why I kept humming 'Lady in Red'. What can I say, the SPN crackfic episode bemused me far more than it should.

Anyhoo, this week we had werewolves and Teryl, though not necessarily in that order, and Teryl, bless, was going for gold in the flirty stakes and didn't Jared just love it (I can well imagine Teryl in full flight, and she does love tall guys). In fact JP seemed far more flirty with Teryl than the chick of the week. And how much do I love SPN for boldly adhering to and honouring the time honoured chick of the week trope (if she's not dead or disappeared by credit's roll, you're not doing it right). SPN are doing it right. Bravo. Sorry, as much as the guys were manfully tearing up, I was like 'yeah, bag the bitch'. Chicks of the week should indeed be vapid and disposable. Sure, it's not very empowering but I'm not watching SPN for the feminist dialogue, you know?

And tomorrow night it's Jonas. Bwee! (If I get home in time).

Other than that, well, I still don't know re work but I found myself on one staff directory, which is something. Sadly not the dept of choice at all, nor the dept where a lot of my mates are going (and sod it, as everyone has been around asking about to trip, just to rub it in how I'm gonna miss 'em), but it's better than unemployment for now, though the only pros are money to pay bills. Sigh.
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