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Hullo. Yes, still here, just. You'll have to excuse the lack of post but I'm still drowning in backlog and also that flu I was fighting off dropped me like a sack of potatoes the moment I tried for some sleep. So yeah, kinda walking wounded this week, and I have a sackful of pills to prove it. Finally dragged myself to the nearest quack on Friday and while he was v. amused at my misfortunes (flu in Venice, sprained ankle in Budapest, sun burn in London, food poisoning in Singapore) he asked if, after all that, I'd had a good time.

Well, yes. I'm a complete wreck and my eat, drink and be merry before the wheels fall off holiday has taken its toll, but yes.

Coupla things as I think of them: I'm pretty sure Much buys his jumpers at the Caithness craft store (hee). They sell Bundaberg ginger beer in the deli (by appointment - seriously) in Ballater. You can't catch a train to Windsor from Paddington station, despite what the website for Windsor castle tells you, you have to change at Slough. Thank you to everyone who took me out for pizza. I've seen Queen Vic's lav at Ballater station. My Sound of Music postcards are still my #1 souvenier. My Praxiteles catalogue was removed by some fundy in Scotland and replaced with propaganda (naked statues = hellfire, apparently). Watched Jude Law films all the way from London to Singapore because I could and I was in the mood for Jude. Also watched Robin Hood again (and again) and it was probably just me but Eragon had me raising my eyebrows far more than History Boys, which rated a few riots in the local press re subject matter but, hells bells, it's about an English boy's school, get a clue or have they not been paying attention to the genre?

TV: well, I've been catching up, as much as one can (there were technical difficulties) but I caught the Supernatural crackfic episode, the 'comedy' episode that seemed to be based on and pandering to insane forum posts. But it was better than most, at least, it made me giggle, and I'm gonna be kind and not pretend that I didn't notice and say I thought Sam was always that prissy and gay. Anyhoo, it definitely leant more towards the X Files pisstaking episodes rather than the excreable Stargate ones. No yaks, though.

And I hope it was meant to be a comedy episode, because, you know, Sam is always that prissy and gay, at least when I watch it he is - smirk.

Also managed to catch the Evil!Sam episode, which I loved, considering it was a Sam episode. Okay, consider me now to be a SPN fan rather than just a casual observer. These two episodes really sold me, though it could be just the flu talkin'. I'm not sure I could actually partake of the fandom, though. There are some things that are just too scary.

Then there's the Festival of The Jonas, courtesy of the ABC. Which just about makes up for the sudden dearth of RA who had been a telly fixture since Xmas. Ah, yes, plenty of the wee Irish boy about to drool over because not only was there Robin Hood (and I had several episodes to catch up on and its fun to watch them again, there, I said it) but the ABC has finally deigned to screen Ghost Squad. Yay. And the fun part is the trailers make it look like it's all about Jonas. Hee. It's not in the slightest, but it amuses me, in any case.

And lately, I'm finding Jonas ever so purty, but we're about to go into the Robin as a complete dick episodes so gird your loins now re my constant whining over the ill treatment of Much (yes, Much deserves the odd clip around the ear but he's actually quite loyal and brave for one who'd rather not be an outlaw, thanks and he's actually the mover and shaker of the group, not that anyone ever notices - he's so the Xander, and the Wes).

Ghost Squad (with subliminal Jonas, gotta love that editing, not) follows Murphy's Law, which isn't going past S3 (sigh, now that I'm hooked) but at least I've been treated to the winsome and snarky Mr Fassbender scene stealing in that.

Primeval hasn't been cut around too much by EC9, except for the 'when dinosaurs attack' scenes, which is kinda the whole point of the show, but never mind. Was bemused that the so noisy I'd shoot the buggers if they weren't protected fruit bats outside my window decided to be extra flappy during the Birds homage bits in last Sunday's episode, thus providing me with a sensoround experience enough to give me a small start, I will admit. Dougie is cute if lispy in his native tongue.

Oh yeah, there's also this retro cop show thingie that they're playing on Auntie on Sundays. Not sure what that's about - heh. As I've yet to steel myself to watch the last episode ever I'm gonna hold off and watch the extraordinarily belated local screenings with my spoiler blinkers on so I can enjoy it one last time without being ruined by knowing how it all wraps up, as the disappointment re the finale has me spooked that it would be not as much fun. So, one last time, eh, boys?

And how neat was that, walking in through the door in time for the opening creds on the first episode. Yeah, I totally booked my flight re LOM (not quite, though I'll never have a weekend bookended by The Simm like that again).

PM update: went up to the gardens to finish off that last roll of film and drop it in (so I should be posting some piccies later this week but might give you a preview below) and this guy jogged past and normally I depise joggers but I was all "nice legs" until I realised it was a colleague. Eeew! Accidentally perving on colleagues is like, well, it's just wrong. So I've been spluttering all afternoon. Also, since as far as I'm still concerned, being stuck on UK time, it's the middle of the bloody night, so I had to resort to one desperate resort to survive meetings on tech specs: 'strawberry' flavoured milk, ie gimme that red food dye, bounce bounce, itch, bounce. Oh yeah, that works.

And now, a few piccies, just 'cause.

"He used to bring me roses..." - Cell Block H, The Louvre


Where all my dvd orders end up

Some bloke in a London pub
Damon bored with Bourne
We Own the Night
Actor takes a pass on his own performance in lauded film at Cannes
Broadway actor Nelson Reilly dies,,2001320029-2007240235,00.html
Exterminate! Freema axed
Jensen's shameful knitwear posing past

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