mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

please release me, let me go

Gah, Heathrow. They tell you to get here super early, then they won't let you go through. So here I sit, bored out of my skull. About ready to go home, I think. Just getting tired now, and the hotel last night wins sleaziest flea bit. I mean, I thought the one in Paris would take some beating, but how wrong I was. What I get for being a lazy cow.

Anyhoo, did the National gallery yesterday, just about all of it. UK definitely wins for best St Sebastian. Also clocked three more Caravaggios, though I'd seen two of 'em before, and all the other 'must sees'. My cultural education, in so far as ticking this stuff off a list can be called a cultural education, is coming along. I noticed that most of the paintings featured in Vincent and The Impressionists can be found at the NG, which is a nice bit of interactive tv, if one actually went to the gallery, that's just not on offer to this poor colonial. Ah well.

Just a few things, Britain, before I go. Ya really gotta pick up your game re the hotel sitch and for the love of Mike, but some damn effing lifts in the tube station. I do't mind bounding up by myself but laden with luggage and it becomes an endurance test.

Also, behold my bitter disapointment at discovering that "pudding" was a course, not a dish, here, when presented with a bowl of...unadorned fruit! Where was the pudding?, I sulked quietly to myself. Sure, save myself from scurvy but when people say pudding I expect, you know, pudding. Sigh.

There were a few more things but I'm gonna run outta coins. Brit rail sucks. Heathrow sucks. Ack, I think I'm starting to sober up. :(

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