mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

time flies

Went for a drive through Aberdeenshire in my Uncle's silver jag (see, I might be as rough as old buckets but some parts of the family are quite posh). Saw the ancestral home, now surrounded by a housing estate as opposed to rolling fields. Dad would be gutted. Discovered the street in Aberdeen I kept wandering up and down feeling that there should be something there was where my Grandfather's furniture store was (no longer there, and he made the stuff himself). Freaky, huh?

Saw a castle and countryside that looked just like the train set Dad and I made (well, duh, but at last I see what he was getting at) and fields like The Shire.

But I'm still doing my penance. Yesterday I lost my watch wandering about town, and unlike that den of thieves I suposedly live in, where it was handed straight back to me when the band snapped, here it's gone forever. Weep. Whimper. That was the watch I bought in Venice Beach LA. I loved that watch. (Hopefully that's my third misfortune now).

Freud would say it's because I want to come back. Freud is nuts. Sure, my Dad loved this place but it's like Berrima and it only sports half a dozen dummies in costum, not 40 or so. Nice place to drive through or stop for tea, but, and Berrima wins on historical garbed dummies, so null Ballater.

Oh yeah, don't start me on Eurovision. The one night I'm in front of a TV for Dr Who and it's bloody Eurovision. God give me strength. See, I'm even sounding like me Dad now - completely funnert.

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