mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

we don't go to Nottingham

So here I am at my Uncle's new place. It's nice, and the scenery is to die for (it reminds me a lot of Washington), but I still miss Nottingham. Lots. But shsssh, that's just between you and me. Prolly just as well, or I'd be muttering (still) over my usual counter lunch at the Trip.

Anyways, afternoon picked up and I was flogged along a walk through Balmoral (or toddle-bonnie as they say up north). I think that's enough penance for past malicious fancies, as my ankle was sore, the wind was biting (for this child of the tropics, anyway) and my Uncle, just like my brother, funnily enough, is an over the hills and far away while you're still huffing away kinda chap. The scenery though, oh my. Herds and herds of deer down by the river, enormous mountains, a loch shining silver in the misty distance. Oooh! (if you've seen The Queen or Mrs Brown then you've seen what I was being marched through). Hee.

And I'm promised a castle. Maybe tomorrow. :)
I don't deserve this, I know it, but I'm having it, anyway.

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