mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Living next door to Liz

So, the trip back down was somewat less complicated, by comparison. Briefly stopped over at my Coz's to see the new baby. To quote from Ghostbusters: he slimmed me. There's a few tops into the wash. The other boys are lovely, though they took me to task for talking down to them. Sory, too used to talking to my managers or British rail folk. It was also a jolly good investment sending them over the choccies as I was their fave person before I arrived. Score one for bribery ad corruption. Oh, my other wee man up north is also lovely and I gave him a cras course in writing fic. Is no one safe from my corrupting influence? Sort answer: no.

Am now with the other rels in Ballater and it's damn frosty, I can tell you, and I don't just mean the weather. Not even the OMG £££ bottle of scotch has eased my passage. Ah well, found anet cafe and posted home some magazines from the local newsagent.

Speaking of which, re the idle curse I made at the wee Roman grotto, feeling petulant, peevish (well, he should have made an appearance, I guessed pretty right re stalking - heh) and not wanting to be he only one with a busted ankle in budapest, well, I forgot I have Pullo's affinity for idle curses and, well, sorry. So effing sorry. Really effing sorry.

But *I'm* getting back to hobbling around fine now, as a few hotwater bottles have done wonders. Can see where I cracked it now though. Ow. Gotta watch where I'm going and not nearly t-bone pretty Brit boys, especially in cheap Chinese shoes (skid, prang, much swearing in my new Austrian swearwords I picked up at the station in Wien).

Note to self: forget the fancy tops, keep the hot water bottle and spare jeans - essential kit.

Tourist wise, seen Victoria's loo at Ballater station, so that's my travels complete.

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