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Scunnert and funnert in Scotland (tired and fed up). I knew I'd have to pay for Tuesday. And I did. I did pay. And pay and pay and pay and pay...

Wed wasn't so bad. Sure, the bits of Hampton Court I most wanted to see were closed and it was a shocking miserable day for attempting to wander into the gardens, but that's par for the course, really.

No, it was the trip to the top bit that decided to teach me a lesson. One of them being that Brit Rail sucks. Big time.

Now if somebody had told me I coulda used my ticket on the earlier train which I was there in time for, being a tad OCD re punctuality after a few White Rabbit unhappy experiences this trip (I'm late! I'm late!), I coulda got through, no probs. But noooo.

So, there was a derailment at Newcastle so we all had to bail oout at Darlington and catch a bus to Newcastle. So much for my great rail journey, I moaned to myself. Anyway, despite being told we'd miss the train we made it but...they decided for a want of a guard we'd be 40 mins late, so I missed my next connection.

So I get to Edinburgh and we're yyold to waiting in the recption aera which doesn't exist. Flagging a manny in uniform I get told to take the train on Platform 12 which will take me to Stirling where I can change for a train to Inverness. Only it gets cancelled. So then I get sent to 10 to catch another train to Sterling, only this is up and over and the lifts are out. Of course they are. This train is late and gets held up for half an hour on the way due to a signal failure so I miss the train to Inverness. Wait an hour for the next one which is nearly an hour late itself due to an electrical failure.

Finally get into Inverness at 9pm and the bus that supposed to take us to Thurso has gone, but they call it back and we wait for another train from Glasgow bt there's no one. We started off with about two dozen fellow travellers. Three made it.

Oh, and for the folk who told me it didn't matter that my coat kept me neither dry nor warm so long as it was stylish, try standing outsde a station closer to Oslo than London at 11.30 pm waiting for a taxi. So glad I was stylish. Yes, that is a hint of sarcasm you detect in my voice. Had to but a new coat. Cost me £40 and worth every cent so far.

Ayway, I love my rellies up there and they made me feel right at home and very welcome and I didn't spend a moment sober as we started at the distillery at the top of the hill and it was, literally, downhill from there :)

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