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harry the fat bastard

This'll have to be brief because it's share time on the pc. In all the squeeing yesterday I forgot to mention the play. Others have no doubt reviwed it. It was very much like Yellow House, written by the same guy, and still on the whole two mad blokes arguing with each other, a lot. It was quite mannered and stilted even, but I got used to it after a while and it was nice to see John playing for laughs in amongst the angst. The dear boy.

Today I walked, or slogged, in the footsteps of the Tudors, or Tooders as Showtime insists upon (my ears, my ears). Windsor Castle, then Hamptopn Court, which I loved. Wandered there until they chucked me out. Saw the big painting with the tents and the wrestling from that episode I watched. WEirdly, Henry ain't as buff as JRM in the painting. Am confused :)

And had another close encounter of the thespian kind as I slu,ped on the train and chacked out the guy opposite, just for threat assesment purposes, I thought OMG, it's Crispin. It had to be, I was so sure. To confirm it he whipped out his phone, used that lovely voice and made with the luvvie talk. At one point he demonstrated his cod Italian and I nearly died. Ah, free entertainment. Ah, I gotta love a city crawling with actors j'adore. Too much fun. Gonna have to get me a stick to boot them out of the way, like rabbits, if this keeps up.

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