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I could have squeed all night...

Le Grand Trip: $10, 000
London theatre tickets: $45.00
Beer with John Simm: fucking priceless.

I could have fangirled the poor bastard all night, but I restrained myself, somehow, even though he was the lovliest, kindest most generous chap and I don't just mean like an actor putting up with the embaressing fan, but a genuinely nice, nice guy.

I gotta say, I was stunned, because he does come off as a bit, well, prickly, but he "could cope with just one" and that was me: mostly harmless (embaressingly enough he knew my TRA id, not for the scans, oh no, but the insane postts M. and I were cooking up a while back. I tried to explain they were the result of boredom at work, but he seemed very bemused. Ah well).

He said he wasn't on TRA much because it was too narcisistic, but he'd been on yesterday so say thanks for all the cards, which were "lovely" and "What's all this about me being short?!" John would like you to know he is quite tall, thanks (he's at least 4cm taller than me, not that it helps but it worked for me - grin), and it's not his fault he has to share the stage with Adrian (there was much helpless flailing in the direction of the circus freak at this point). So, not short, 'kay? Good.

The best news is that he and Phil are working together again on a film and he seemed very keen about it. Sadly for poor John the best I could manage was "great, fantastic, can't wait" because my first fifteen responses had to be discarded (joined at the hip? Can't get enough of each other?) and thus I had to revert to default mode. (I'm sorry but I'd had nothing but beer and chips all day and I was mid squee, ie not my most eloquent or reasoned).

I also mentioned how Oz was only *just* getting LOM and he said some stuff about DW (then swore me to secrecy - hee!) and I also had to explain that worship as a god though I did (this pleased him, he was in silly mode) I wasn't there soley to worship anear but thanked him for his exquisite timing.

Anyways, lovely chap! Really, really lovely chap. Made my night, month, year. I thought nothing could beat my Sound of Music postcards - grin- but there you go. The wonder and charm that is the Simm. Thanks, John.

And now I'm off to squee in non verbal forms for a bit more.

Oh, also saw Landscape with Weapon, and I could bang on about the arms race and defence and morality and all that stuff, or I could just squee over Tom and Julian wrestling in curry (the first two rows will get wet). Also, was this close to Julian whlile I was wandering about lost, but never mind, I had my squees later.

Right, off to brekkie and more adventures. This has been the Best Trip Ever. Everyone has been so incredibly nice and kind. I'm kinda stunned, really.

Okay, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.................
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