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Guess where I am? A clue: freak wwaether, as always, this time in the form of a freak heatwave. I'm actually sunburnt.

Anyways, briefly, found Peanut Butter Boy and the lads on the inflight ent. and there was much squeeing. It's the first time I thinkk I've ever had my fandom offered up as inflight ent. Beter yet, it was Sunday's episode. So I wasn't completely deprived.

London on a Sunday is ok - people were actually nice, or maybe I just look so bovine these days they feel I need special care. In any case, made it from airport to hotel with a minimum of wrong turns.

Met up with a very good friend and we had a grand day out. The morning included a briliant tour of London's markets. Whoa! All the world's cool stuff is here. Like Paddington, etc, only ten times bigger and cooler. Had it not been for the three evils of redundancy, weight restrictions and currency exchange rates, I would have gone nuts. Lots of vintage clothes too. Whole enormous shops of the stuff. Lovely old buildings, too.

The afternoon was spent at the gorgeousness that is Eltham Palace, an ecclectic mix of the prettiest gardens ever, medieval ruins and an art deco house that was like an RKO film set - it so was. Loved it!

Then the sun started to set ad I started to crash, alas. Ah well. Now I'm up at a stupid hour for the next leg. I so didn't want this trip to be rushed, but there it is. If I ever see that bastard wot mADE ME SLICE TWO WEEKS OFF MY HOLS, i'LL FILLET HIM.


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