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What’s the worst job you ever had?
Working in a bar in the West End during the late Eighties where I had to serve drinks and do dance routines to “Greased Lightnin’” wearing cycling shorts. - John Simm

The mind fairly boggles.

Oh dear. The new shoes are ruined. "You won't need an umbrella" smirked the doorman at our building. Before I'd gone three steps: WHOOSH! Another torrential downpour. I had to actually wade upstream to the bus stop (and I was soaked to the skin - if I catch a cold I'll not be happy). Oh, my dear shoes. Alas, it looks like our love was destined to burn brightly but oh so briefly. So guess which shop I'm going to at lunch. Grump.

Took forever to get home, too. Double grump. So I just flopped in front of the telly, but this time not even tea and telly could stop me grumping, or shivering for that matter. Supernatural, meanwhile, was trying to shake up the formula with a bank job/body snatching tale, but it didn't really work for me (but it could have been my being a cold and damp misery guts at the time).

Tuesday and management suddenly realises that if I'm not there, my work won't get done. Duh. Spend all day in meetings (even my bon voyage yum cha is cruelly truncated) and don't actually start on work until nearly 4pm. Then after that it's pack up and backup. Late night, just a bit.

Wed: the long awaited rainy day. Feeling beyond knackered, it was time to catch up on a little viewing. As much as I like DT and enjoy seeing in in more serious roles, Recovery was just too much like those old disease of the week films that they still trot out on lunchtime tv.

The Yellow House, well, who else are they going to get to play that little mad weasel? I rate it at about 45 tph (tanties per hour). It's basically nothing but John being weird, intense and short fused. About halfway through I was wishing the bugger would try a rom com for a change. I'm also glad I watched that docco on Vinnie because it really presumed kowledge, which is well and good, but still a little confusing as to who was what and why. It was very much like a one scene one act play where two actors just munch their way through the sparse scenery. (Too bad I'm a Shakespeare girl and I love me sword fights and bedroom farces).

George Gently, though, I loved and adored. No sitting through turnip tv just for the sake of watching actor x get his serious thespian rocks off. No, George Gently was just an old fashioned period cop show. Does what it says on the tin. But while I went for it on the strength of Martin Shaw and Richard Armitage (who was, of course, gorgeous, and I note with amusement that his gay, leather clad biker wasn't a million miles from another role and I ain't talking North & South or Vicar of Dibley - grin).

No, it was Lee Ingleby who walked in and entirely stole the whole show. It was like watching Sam's dad if he'd been slightly less bent. Oh, I loved him, with all his homophoic, shifty and eager to please flaws. And that nasty little mind fuck at the end - loved it. I do hope the whole 'start of a beautiful friendship' scene at the end meant there will be more, because I quite adored it. Very Heartbeat, but with a higher grade of actor (those few not pinched by the US networks).


Aha! I knew they wouldnlt be able to resist!

It isn't just Curtin copping flak, either. "I can live with period dramas using the big, green steam engine for all states, even before they were invented," writes Colin Kilduff, of West Ryde. "I am more bothered by the Sheriff of Nottingham making tick-tock noises in Robin Hood when pendulum clocks were not invented until the 16th century, and watches even later."

Thurs: Started off okay, cup of tea in the sun, Kevin McKidd on the telly. Went a bit downhill though when I couldn't get anything done online because everything was down and then after tea, fortunately after tea, the lights went off. Whole suburb blacked out. We'd just been watching Stephen Fry in Bones (when worlds collide!) and had skipped on to some House (to get our Fry & Laurie fix) when BINK! All out. Even the street lights. So I had to fire up some of the ornamental candles I had about the place and get on with the housework. How very 19thC.

Fri: Last day and I'm uploading yesterday's scans very, very sloooowly.
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Read all about it on the website, so why buy the paper?
Number 96

Esquire v147 n2 Feb 2007 US

Cult Times March 2007

Famous 2 April 2007 AU

Famous 23 April 2007 AU

The Word #49 March 2007 UK

The Word #49 March 2007 UK

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OK #49 23 April 2007 AU

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