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The Robin Hood pedantry in the SMH continues, much to my great amusement:
We had a feeling this would happen. Angelica Tsarouhis has taken issue with Rod Whitworth's complaint about the dates used in the Robin Hood series on the ABC (Column 8, Wednesday). "The difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendar is actually 13 days and not 11," she insists. "So it must have been a Tuesday." We're not at all sure that we want to buy into this …

Meanwhile, the Peanut Gallery glommed onto my dvd of The Impressionists, which arrived with everything else - thanks Amazon for the speedy replacements of the roadkill. Really, thanks. Speedy, no fuss replacements. Big gold star. I'll even let you off the next three times you send my shit to Austria (one of these days I'll visit the fabulous places my dvds have been to).

Anyway, yes, I know I just taped it off the telly but I ordered the dvd months ago (and was startled to find it on the telly, to be honest), and anyways, yes, there was bemusement at the polite bohemians, but PG was more concerned about Monet insisting on all that coal being poured into the steam engines to fluff up the steam for his art. Oh dear and tsk, this means Monet is not carbon neutral. PG then wondered whether or not the garden at Giverny would then count as carbon credits against the excessive coal burning. Possibly, one can but hope.

Meanwhile H recoiled at the fact that Monet had willows at Giverny (they're a proscribed pest here). Will his eco-vandalism never end?

Oh Monet, you coal burning, willow planting eco-terrorist. Tsk.

Yes, silly, but less insane than at work. Ordered not to make backups - my arse. Mutter, mutter, mutter. Fortunately I picked up an external HD yesterday and everything is on it now, at least, everything I really need (I hope). So that's one thing ticked off my list at least. And it's so fast. I'm working off it now and it's sooooo much better and faster and I love it to bits [pets shiny new hard drive].

I'm also still with the gee whizz because the last time I had to try and copy my bits and bobs it took me three days and a spindle o' dvds and the time before that I was proud of my 250mb zip drive. Now I've got a 250gb HD. Ain't technology grand? Just sometimes. And this little baby plugged and played as advertised, which is rare for me, and I really needed something to go right, so that was a blessing [pets HD some more].

Um, look away now, I think we need some alone time - grin.

Okay, I'm back :)

Did not get to go out last night because I had errands to run, lots and lots of errands. Late night viewing included more Heroes, with lots of Eccles, I'm happy to say, even in his crazy homeless guy ensemble. The character is actually bemusing me, but it seems the direction was pretty much same again please, ie complete nutter. But, nevertheless, I'm bemused. And Peter really did need to be smacked, he really did. Silly puppy. And nice call on the hair. Heh.

Also watched an episode of Primeval. It is stoopid, but it's fun, and I think even Lester is secretly drawing big glitter hearts around Cutter's name. Hee.

OMG. I've just about caught up. I'm actually ticking stuff off. Phew!

PM update: had another long walk in the park. I'm starting to feel like I should chain myself to one of the trees and cry "hell no I won't go!". Well, it's what I feel. I love working here. Especially with the Dragon away. It's been bliss. Got everything done in half the time. The gardens were lovely, too. I found a lovely spot with a good view of the hysterically Victorian gothic pile that is the Government House and scratched away in my notebook. I wouldn't have come back if not for fear of retribution, the sudden chill wind and grey clouds that blew up and the unprecedented number of spiders that insisted on gamboling about my person.

Everyone else has gone home now. Hmmm....
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