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Hey there. The hormonal haze is lifting (slowly) and I'm starting to get a bit more organised again, well, as organised as I ever get, anyhoo (apologies to all those folks who end up buried at the bottom of the inbox). Still, I've complained to Amazon about the dvd box sets with tyre tracks over the top of them and I made a few comfirmational calls last night, despite the large spider obviously trained to jealously guard the phone against late night international calls. He just would not piss off, not even when chased by the fly swatter.

Must get a better fly swatter, that one has no swish, and I know intimately what a proper fly swatter can do - my mother must have broken over a dozen on me so far.

Anyhoo, I have a shiny new fandom. Yes, I watched Primeval again last night (well, in my defence I was unwell and unfit for any other duty). I love it to bits. It's kinda silly but it has a great deal of charm and lots of pretty and some genuinely great tv moments.

I can't help it. It's exactly the sort of show I would have loved as a kid, and apparently exactly the sort of show I still glom onto now. Especially with the impossibly pretty Mr Murray.

Speaking of the more things change, etc, I hope to, please let me, I want to just wallow on Sunday and let the Jonas pretty roll over me. Yes, I have over protested somewhat, he is so my type, so very my type, you just won't believe just how my type he is. Which is of course why I keep getting so prickly about it, especially re the savage treatment of Much. Been there, wept quietly, wore the silly jumper. So I hope I can just wallow in the very pretty and not pick over old scabs (which I thought I was done with but no). Perhaps I should stockpile my last Haigh egg, just in case, for medicinal purposes, you understand.

So last night (getting a silver medal for shirking) I also watched Heroes, which ran over into Blackpool, to my annoyance. Next week's gonna be hard, I'm gonna have to choose between Eccles or Tenner. Heh, no choice. Tenner it is - grin. I gotta say, nothing cheers me up so much as the sight of David Tennant of late. If only Doctor Who could be worthy of him. Ah well, maybe some of the other episodes will surprise and delight me. I am looking forward to Sir Derek, evil young Harry and Mr Simm. I liked the Mr Saxon reference in the first episode. I just bet Mr Saxon has something to say on whether there's life on mars (but enough of that, I've eps 5-7 to watch and I'm sticking my fingers in my ears re #8).

Oh, now I'm cross and upset. Cross because I've just gone and been spoilt over the end of LOM. Ah well, I knew it'd have to happen. It was okay while I was all icky and keeping away from t'internet, but I knew it'd be fraught compiling the BNW this week but somehow I did it, cutting and pasting links with my hands over my eyes, but then, bing, one of my email alerts from a UK newspaper just popped into my inbox and there it is. Thanks ever so.

They also dropped the distressing news that George Sewell had died. Whimper. George, was, imho, very much part of the template for Gene Hunt, whether you're thinking Get Carter or the entirely brill Special Branch, so he did matter. He was also in UFO, which I loved, and a great many things. He will be missed.

Meanwhile, while burning disks for work (really), I did stray idly onto google and my estimation of Sarah Parish, already riding rather high from Blackpool repeats, just hit the bell because her man, I've just discovered whilst browsing, is none other than James "I can't possibly shoot this pteradon without taking my shirt off" Murray. Oh my. Well done, ma'am. Well done indeed.

So she gets to snog David Tennant at work and James Murray at home. Right. And then there's my life. Right. Okay, I get dibs next time 'round, 'kay?
James Murray shirtless,22049,21539066-5006014,00.html
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