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Well, we decided to go out last night and paint the town a light salmon pink. Peanut Gallery approved, citing the example of Gough, who didn't let The Dismissal ruining his plans for a fine steak lunch.

So yes, with such a worthy example, we went out last night, first to the oyster bar which was crminally expensive but such lovely seats right on the quayside overlooking quay, bridge and sunset. Then we went to see the Spinster Sisters fillum, or, as I was accused of, dragging folks along on the coattails my James McAvoy lust - as if I made a secret of the fact that he was in it (and, hello, poster in the foyer?).

And he was lovely. All flirty charm, and, quite suddenly changing gears in the flick from arrogant bastard to heartbroken darling, quite adorable. I really felt the poor lad's pain when she went to leave and he started as though struck. That's acting, without ACTING. And are his eyes always that blue? I mean, I know they're really, really the most incredible blue, but, my god, were they cgi-ing up the blue or what?

But really, sufficiently mellowed by beer and oysters, all I really cared about was James looking mighty fine in his shiny boots and velvet coat. Yummy!

Okay, yes, there was a plot but it was variously rehashed from several novels (one could possibly play pick the homage if one were a more thorough Austen scholar) but really, I was happily seeing this film becase I love Austen adaptations and this was more of the same, and this time with decent actors filling out almost all the roles, except Miss Austen, alas, but never mind, and Laurence Fox was a right old stick but since he was playing a lad in Marple the other night I know he's only acting. It was also sad to see Ian Richardson playing one last complete and utter bastard. What will they do for bastards of that calibre now in Brit film and telly?

I didn't love the film, but I did like it. It certainly had its moments. Could have done without the tacked on ending, though. I suppose that was done to appease test audiences in Iowa or something. It certainly smacked of it.

The film was a bit sniffly, but then this whole week has been sniffly. Just when I get used to having a life after hours again, they're going to take it away, again. Sigh.

So after the flick I waited for he bus and watched the beautiful people, and got even more depressed. I feel like a tug boat amongst yachts.

PM update: so much for my much anticipated half day. Oh well, as if I wanted, or needed a life. Tried to make the best of it by walking through the park. Said farewell to some of my favourite trees. Sigh.

Also, so much for my half day. Been at this for over twelve hours and still going. And yet they make me redundant? Just who are they going to get to work for nothing late at night?
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