mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

beware the not ides of march

Is there anything lovlier than David Tennant? Especially all singing, all dancing, all skulking and shagging David when you've had a rough day.

I will spare you the gruesome details, but years that end in a 7 I'm learning, the hard way, are always particulary awful and this one is getting the kicks in good and proper, attacking home, job, friends and family. Especially today. But enough of that.

I had a picnic in the park. Just me, a newspaper and a nudie (apparently folks who can't picnic withough six semis full of stuff just can't accept the idea that one can picnic with just a drink and a newspaper). But I did, and it was lovely. How I've missed the park (they had my nearest gate blocked off for nearly a year). I walked down to see a big boat go out past old Pinchgut, then settled for my repaste. Okay, so I bought the tiny, tiny box of fruit and cheese they had for sale in the shop as well.

It was a lovely picnic for one. Much like Emma I sought, and found, some solace in the pleasant greenery. Well I did until some evil little fucks kept calling me a disgusting pig and made oinking noises as I waddled back to work. Ah well. Then I had a few more earth moving announcements landed upon me. Whatever, is about all I can manage right now (but please, please, let me keep my holiday).

Never mind, I'm suffieciently amused by the news and pics re Mr Saxon in Doctor Who. That should be fun, if I do indeed get my two fave boys wrestling each other (hehhehheh). Though I am bemused that Mr Serious Thespian, Mr Run A Mile From A Hit Cult Tv Show is actually doing Doctor Who. Still, if it's good enough for Sir Derek, eh?

Oh, I also watched the Jeremy Irons episode of Who Do You Think You Are. That was kinda of fun, especially whenever he got all excited, especially over his Chartist ancestor, though the bulk of the program was his search for some Irish roots, and he finally found some, originating just up the road from where he lives, which pleased him deeply. It was, as always sweet and amusing.
Who’s hot (Tennant & Simm)
Arms and the thinking man
More X-rated than X Files
Bono receives honorary knighthood
Arise Sir Bono, U2 man knighted,,2043415,00.html
Oz and James back on the road,,2043379,00.html
Bartlett switches to ITV
Fear of Fanny,,2045254,00.html
Reality TV not to your taste? Try cheddarvision

Earth Hour - Saturday 31 March 2007, 7:30pm-8:30pm

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