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At least there were buns. Chocolate hot cross buns. I was waylaid by a very forward bun merchant on the footpath last night while out shopping, and since everyone at work is into the snacks (a side effect of fear and anxiety) and since I coveted the maroon bag they came in, it was a good enough reason to sucumb.

And it's just about the only good thing about today. Alas, I must sacrifice Jarvis (though I'd been looking forward to him) because there is just too much crap going on - more crap than I can actually cope with (in fact since I've given up writing and watching the next thing to go will have to be the brit-actors list, though considering my efforts were only greeted with one complaint, not quite the tearful wrench I fear, I suspect).

Still, hopefully there will be Blackpool tonight, even if I have to watch the late screening. So long as there's DT, please.

The maroon bag? Well, every time I go shopping I buy a green bag, I bring it home and hang it on my chair and the next time I go shopping it's gone. I must have bought a dozen or so in the last fortnight (and I need one, it's an essential bit of kit) but they've all been nabbed, so I'm thinking a maroon bag will be harder to pass off under the "this old thing?" excuse/lie.

Am also miserable about my dear plans starting to tip over the cliff like that oft played scene from 300. And just when I finally got it sorted too. Apparently all the universe required of me was that I actually burst into bitter tears because suddenly -bing- sorted. This did not suffice, however, because, and breaking new records here, it was less than ten seconds before it all started to unravel. So for less than ten seconds I had the holiday of my lifetime in my hands.

Of course with all the merde going on, some people, the exact same people who lectured that I should go out there and live my life and to hell with anyone else, the exact same people are now being horrid with the 'how dare I' and what a shameless, selfish, callous creature I am, etc now that I've actually dared to attempt to do so. Would I like to stab those people to death with a blunt chopstick? Why, yes, yes I would.

And too bad, I'm giving up tonight but tomorrow presses ahead regardless. I mean, row 6. I never get row 6. I won't give it up. Nor will I give up the other stuff I booked. No way, no how. Bite me.

Last night should have been a hard choice between the Chaser and Heroes, but as it happened, I didn't get to see either of them (and I'm so glad I had seen the Heroes before, at least and thank you, or you'd be witnessing far more gnashing than mere resignation). But I did get to see a few seconds of floppy haired Pete looking pensive.

At least I get to read on the bus. I've not read Emma in ages, so I was bemused to re-read (with the hindsight of bitter experience) that there's an actual bad boyfriend bonfire, with Harriet disposing of all her creepy stalker collection of keepsakes/proto serial killer souveniers re that cad Mr Elton.

You know, sympathise as I might with Harriet, as much as I ever could with a blonde airhead, the whole box of keepsakes, it really was well over the kinda creepy line. I mean, a note or a picture is one thing, but we're talking used pencils and band-aids here. Eeeew. It's probably a good thing AVOs hadn't been invented yet (but oh to write an AU where Harriet actually cracks - efg).

Oh look, now the server has fallen over again, and sadly I'm far too tied up in knots to amuse myself with some gentle imaginings. Which is a pity, because poor Much is dropping anvils but Robin is, as always, not paying the slightest bit of attention and Sam has just realised that Gene does, indeed, have an ulterior motive, the perv.

Btw, the pic posts below cracked me up. What she said. Totally.
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