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Wednesday: rant warning

Weird. There was a helicopter hovering low right over our yard for over and hour yesterday, this if after the helicopter with the searchlight kept buzzing us on Sunday night, with the spotlight right in our yard, and flying so low I thought for sure it'd get tangled in our 20-30m gum trees. I guess they're on to me, huh.

Funny how I always get replies when I'm squawking and flabbing but never when I'm burbling away happily. And now I'm thinking like a magpie and it scares me. Still, I do understand a lot of their words and actions now and vice versa, and they answer to their names. The other day one waddled round the corner and I heard a crash and I called out to ask if it was alright and it warbled back an answer. Didn't want to race round and startle it because it did sound more like clumsy birdie than a cat attack (those monsterous moggies that were left over Xmas to graze on my birds, leaving the yard ankle deep in feathers, have retreated a little now that their nominal 'owners' have returned).

I give my birds a fright sometimes when I chase the cats, making myself look big and scary, because sometimes I have to stamp my feet and yell at them, too, when they misbehave and take too many liberties, just to remind them there is a line, albeit close and shallow. I was going to say at least they don't go off and sulk like my human friends, but they probably do.

Lately I've been properly tsked for mentioning the alarming bitchiness in Stargate slash fandom, and I'm not about to cast the first stone by any means, I was just saying it upset me sometimes, is all. There a lots of lovely, fun people in the fandom, too. I've just got to learn not to let one rotten apple spoil the whole barrel.

It's difficult. I find it best to take a bit of a breather, walk away for a bit. I should do that here, but here I am, getting myself in trouble again. Ranting ahead, flee now, while you can.

The other thing I was rightly tsked over was my daily Yank bashing. Ah, well, yes. Guilty as charged, m'lord. But hey, it's not just me. A quick peruse of the con tapes will show all the Farscape actors were getting in their knocks, too, as much as they loved and adored their American friends. It's an Aussie thing. We're not allowed weapons of mass destruction so all we've got left is our sarcasm.

And as I mentioned before, we've a 200+ year history of mocking self importance and authority (qv early issues of The Bulletin, Banjo Patterson, Norman Lindsay, Waltzing Matilda, Ned Kelly et al), and the US is so very (and dangerously) self important and authoritarian these days. And even if the US didn't have a lunatic at the wheel, there's always the whole cultural imperialism thing. Just this morning Adam and Will were lamenting that Aussie slang never made it's way onto American shows (rather than vice versa). Actually, it has, but they meant mainstream shows like Friends, not obscure axed SF shows like Farscape.

Still, it's nice to see all those Aussies stealthily creeping onto mainstream US shows, like Without A Trace (any more Aussies in the cast and crew and it'll qualify as local content - grin).

I love American tv, American actors, American national parks, my American buds and Starbucks. I do. But then there's Bush, Springer, Joan Rivers, the NRA, capital punishment, the CIA and Everybody Loves Raymond. I mean, come on. If the Brits can slag me off at every turn for Neighbours, you can't expect me not to take the occassional dig. Surely not.

Best try and not let several very rotten and diseased apples spoil the whole barrel, I guess, though America is scary these days. Very scary. If it didn't impact on my quality of life so much I shouldn't be so snarky (like my planned trip to Turkey). I'll try to behave for the rest of the week. Yeah, right :D

I only got in trouble (and rightly so) because I wailed that the Canberra fire failed to get sufficient media coverage (not true, as I discovered on closer investigation). It's an Aussie thing again. For as long as I can remember, and parodied in many a comedy show and cartoon, we have an obsession with how many column inches we get overseas, a desperation to be mentioned in despatches, a palpable fear of being overlooked and forgotten (borne of isolation, no doubt), though playing Braer Rabbit right now, ie staying low and saying nothing, would not be a bad move these days, but no, we have a shit for brains for PM popping up and insulting everybody, and no, nobody admits to voting for him, either. I certainly didn't. 400+ years of rabble rousing on both sides of the family just wouldn't allow it. Unthinkable. Inconceivable!

There's a racism element, too, in our jitters. Very unPC but you can't ignore the deeply felt and not unreasonable fears (qv Indonesia and Malaysia) of being a lone British colony stuck out here, with only a couple of display cannons for defence in the harbour. Tie to that a cultural cringe and a constant belittlng by our elders and betters and then, yes, we do get upset if we don't rate more of a mention than, as Yes Minister might say, those funny little coloured people from their funny little countries with the funny names. Heaven forbid that our national disasters should rate less than those of boatloads of poor people from Bangladesh. It's very competitive, this clamouring for attention down here with all the other unimportant countries. It's a hangover from the days of the British Empire, I guess, tugging at Mother's skirts, which fell apart in my lifetime, afterall, so we're not talking centuries ago. Oops, actually we are - grin.

Okay, dug myself a deep enough hole? I'm not meaning to be mean or cranky or bad or unPC. I'm not even trying to be particularly anti-American, it's just that unlike our tv stations, I'm not contractually obliged to take the bad as well as the good, as much as the US wants us to. We'd rather just pick and choose and have the freedom to say I really, really like this, but I don't want any of that today, thankyou, and not be bombed into buggery for our cheek.

Last night's tv, because for the love of Mike if I don't shut up now I won't have any American friends left at all. Farscape and Farscape. Really. watched My Three Crichtons on Fox8, much funnier now that all the cheeky comments were left in, but still not exactly A grade Farscape. Did you notice how Alien Nation John really, really had a Southern accent? It amused me, as well as making me go wibble. I have no shame.

Then onto EC9, because I trust them not. Bad enough they make me play where's Farscape in the Guide every week, but tonight they slung on Farscape a whole hour earlier than advertised, but I was onto them, I was, having tuned in early just in case. It was the one where Chianna gets possed by one of the floaty aliens from the Abyss (grin) and Crichton adopts DRD-Pike, whom I was so upset to see get vapourised, the little dear. I laughed out loud at the Trek joke. Yes, Farscape truly is an SF show for SF fans. It's only funny if you're 'in'.

More than that, Farscape is art, australian art and I don't see why it couldn't qualify for some film or arts grant to finish the series properly. This Australian art garnered prizes and international magazine covers so why doesn't it rate a little cash like the crap movies they make here? I tell you, if a football team had been so triumphant there'd be no question of a little cash bonus to get them over the line. And all that crappy, bleed from my ears wanky art in the Festival of Sydney? Give me Farscape anyday. Damn, it's not fair.

Really, I'm not hormonal, I just need a holiday. Spent my early morning writing some more M7, none of which I can preview because it would entirely give away the ending. I was actually very giggly this morning because I found a pic of Vin and Chris watching the sunset together. Been after a cap of that for ages. It's soooo romantic.

Mind you, the Without A Trace ad they keep playing on EC9 is pretty slashy, too, but I think that's just me.

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  • Reprinted without permission because the SMH is pay-per-view:

      Are you being perved?

      Could it be the first sign of Mardi Gras fever hitting Sydney?

      Gracing the David Jones Market Street windows are male mannequins with sultry pouts and mullet hairstyles posed in a way Spike thought must have some homo-erotic subtext. For example, two of the male mannequins are standing about a foot apart gazing deeply into each other's eyes. In another window, a mannequin has his hand locked firmly about his mate's arm as they peer intensely out through the glass. Behind each mannequin is art work from the ArtExpress exhibition, created by HSC students.

      But, according to the department store, the homo-erotic subtext is all in Spike's dirty little mind.

      "If you guys want to read it that way, fine. It was not intended that way. The female mannequins are in similar poses," David Jones's head of corporate affairs, Jill Campbell, told Spike yesterday after conferring with the window dressers.

      She insisted, "They're posed in the way they're posed because it's in theme" with the ArtExpress exhibition.

      The Department of Education and Training informed Spike that there was no theme for the ArtExpress exhibition - the works are simply the best of the lot.



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