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these shoes weren't made for walkin'

You know you've walked a bit when you start seeing road signs for Wollongong. Yeah, I walked to the Enmore from work because I didn't know which bus to catch because I always used to walk it and I told myself to walk it again, you lardy bitch. So I did.

There were only three things that I needed to consider:
a) the last time I worked in the city it was down by Central which was halfway there
b) that was a while ago now
c) and I used to wear Docs.

Well, I could at least do something about c), and I hobbled into the Payless shop down near Town Hall, having already blown three blister in my torturous office shoes and to their credit the shopgirls had the good grace to be sympathetic, she cut the tags off my brand new sneakers and socks and gave me a placcie bag for my work shoes and let me change in the shop. Thank you, Payless.

Good sneakers, too. I feel we might be having further adventures together, even if they do look like clown shoes. Better yet, they were down from $37 to $12. Result.
It was kinda fun, too, as I never have time to walk anywhere (60+ unpaid overtime will do that) and walking through Newtown is always interesting with all the cool shops and the miles of eateries (just smelling the thai food was enough, I told myself). You'll be relieved to know the Thai Tanic is still extant. I love a punning Thai restaurant, don't you?

So I walked past churches and old sandstone uni piles and shops and resturants and even the odd bit of park. Got there with over an hour to spare, perfect for a coffee and a few chapters in the coffee shop.

Then it was Dylan time. Yes, I went to see Dylan Moran again. Got a problem with that? He cracks me up. It's more of a stream of consciousness thing so it's hard to repeat the funniest lines sans context, but I did like his words of wisdom: curry and seduction rarely happen at the same time.

I cracked up lots. He is a wicked, embittered and wickedly funny grumpy old man (but I think he was a grumpy old man in his twenties - grin).

But that wasn't the best bit of the eving. Oh nos, that was walking back up King St in search of a taxi when I ran into a very dear friend from several Depts ago. They own Dept S so they are cool, and what a happy chance encounter. Have exchanged most recent email addies so now at least I can say I have one friend in this city. Yay me.

Oh yes, cracked up over Mr Moran disparaging tree changers and advising us not to talk to friends who have moved to tiny country towns on account of them now being boring. If he only knew. Bitter, is more like, from my recent unhappy experience.

Anyhoo, finally got home and found Keane on World Movies so I watched a bit of that while I had my much needed cuppa. Nothing like a weekly dose of Damian. I can see why this went over a storm in the US because there's a lot of ACTING going on and the Yanks love ACTING, they need to know someone is ACTING and one just doesn't get any nominations unless one has done the thespy equivalent of a power ballad.

Though, personally, it wasn't the crazy that was disturbing, it was finding crazed scruffy Damian still hot that I found slightly unsettling. Mind you, considering my exes he was positively steadiness itself (miaow), with bonus cuteness. Ah, Damian, my favourite red-headed child.

Edit: Friend just emailed back. Big long letter, too. I'm thrilled, and daunted. How am I to reply when I suspect 'Squee! Sam!' will not suffice (I don't care which Sam, any Sam).

Also, with nobody else here I was hoping it would be a case of 'gentlemen, start your engines' but alas no, work up the wazoo and nobody in the frelling building is capable of completing the right form. Arrrgh.

Forgot to mention yesterday re LOM when Sam was messing around with the curiously not bunny eared aerial that it was the second halo shot that I've noticed in series two.

I'm sorry, but I'm really not loving S2. I'm heartily sick of Annie, Chris and Ray, Gene has become a caricature of his former self and Sam can do no wrong. Okay, who got the real scripts mixed up with the bad fic?

The Plot Point Aunt was a bit of a waste of space, solely there to provide A Clue. Ah, bad 70s tv at it's best, I suppose.

I must admit I was rather surprised to find a hitherto unmentioned rellie and that Sam hadn't bothered to even crack open a phone book. Sure there might be a lot of Tylers, but what else is he going to do with his evenings? (Especially since he no longer pals around with Gene - remember the romantic walks by the canal, the dinners for two?).

Sam just doesn't seem at all concerned with the how and the why anymore, is he?

Also, what's the state of women detctives in the UK in this era (ignoring Pepper et al for the moment). Clerical staff or did they ever recive training? I'm confused because I'm pretty sure he has because he sent AnnieSue the Wonder Dog into the bank, armed, with no gun training, which is a worry (or it would be if I didn't hate her guts).

And I was disappointed JS chickened out and went with modern bottoms re tracky daks. Don't think I didn't notice. I wanted the full on cheesy track suit ala The Professionals. Gipped!

And as for all the childish sex talk, especially Gene, well, it's just not the same aloof Gene we knew and loved from S1, is it?


And I had such grand plans for today, as well. Sigh.

Btw, thanks to the friend who reminded me that as bad as it gets for poor Much, at least he isn't used and abused quite so badly as poor Manny. At least, not yet.
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