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Apologies for the late running BNW again. What can I say? My path is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satantic herd, etc, etc.

Meant to post it Friday but was kept back after school again (and this after being screamed at for all the unpaid overtime I clocked up - like it's my fault I don't get the urgent stuff until after 5pm). So I missed nearly everything bar Spooks. Mmmm...Adam. I forgot to mention that last week I was bemused to see the action seemed to revolve around a station coffee shop I knew intimately - grin.

Missed most of Murphy's Law, which I didn't mind too much because I can't stand James Nesbitt (due to an unfortunate error in local programming where I was forced to endure an entire week of nothing but Mr Nesbitt 24/7 a few years back) and I know we're something like five seasons behind so I'm not sure which came first, but what I saw of last Friday's episode was 100% Ghost Squad. To the point where I was able to start saying "cut to Pete in car with camera" and we'd cut to Not Pete in a car with camera. It was absolutely 100% Ghost Squad (only the names had been searched and replaced). I'm not sure whether it was proto/pilot Ghost Squad or left over 'we found this old script in the back of the cupboard' Ghost Squad, but, well, I was frustrated that I wasn't being treated to snarky Pete (mind you, it gave Not Pete this whole slashy sexually jealous vibe that bemused with the minor gender change).

Of course nothing made me want to put on real, actual Ghost Squad with real, actual Pete (accept no substitutes), but alas, I was so knackered it was effort to stay conscious through Spooks, and I love Spooks. Silly? Yes. OTT? Yes. And your point is? It's a gorgeous, funky, slick and shiny spy show and I wuv it lots. And S4 and S5 are so much better than S3. I really thought it had jumped that old shark, but it came back, with floaties on.

I meant to get online on Saturday, but I overslept by an hour and I had to get up and do the viting thing, then the shopping thing, and with AP in tow that was very time consuming and trying and she wouldn't let me buy the magazine with DC on the cover and I damn near fell about in full on toddler tanty because, well, I'd had it, quite frankly.

So I planned to get online in the afternoon but that was quashed because it was far too hot then too stormy, ditto writing as I couldn't turn a light on (it was way too hot) and sadly years of writing without a light on have ruined my eyes so I just couldn't.

Tea was a pizza of leftovers (after being assured that everything for tea had been bought the previous day and not a bit of it had - my fault, must double check everything at all times) then it was Top Gear, now moved to Saturday night but I found it. It looks like we're up to 2005/2006 episodes. We might actually catch up at this rate (and having just said that they'll yank it from the schedules again - they always do). Much much needed hilarity ensued.

Alas, I was still too tired and fed up for fic so I caught up on a couple of episodes of Bones since I'm kind of digging that show at the moment. I'm all caught up now. I quite like it now that it seems to have found its own kind of quirky, and it seems to shrug off all attempts at executive influence, which bemuses (ie shoehorned plots and characters that smack of studio retooling are quickly dropped or sidelined). I like that. I also really like most of the characters - finally, a character driven cop show. Remember those, eh? Okay, yes, it is veering dangerously into soapy territories, but for right now, I like it.

Sunday was back to the 70s. Seriously. There was a 70s day in The Rocks and I had to escort AP in there, which was okay, so long as I knew in advance where we were making all the necessary tea and pee stops (I had really, really bad Vienna coffee, tres 70s) and the actual 70s fair was marvy with a great covers band and all the girls in the audience buying 70s gear off the racks of the vintage clothing merchants and leaping into the front to dance. It was just going off (and there was a cortina there!).

And then it poured and everyone fled and the party was over. And worse, the main streets were cut off with some violent protest so no buses or taxis. Ended up getting AP home via two trains and a bus but it wasn't easy because like Mr Woodhouse in Emma she carries on so and unlike Emma I was six seconds away from homicide the whole time.

By the time I got home, having to stop off and do yet more shopping on account of yesterday's list not being complete, I was knackered. Then they decided they didn't want tea anyway (so I'll prolly have to throw those chops out). Arrrgh.

So I didn't get online, being far, far too grumpy, nor did I write, but at least I didn't have to water the garden in my alloted hours.

I did however manage to watch and tape Miss Marple. I'm not too thrilled with this adaptation and I find it way too arch and silly, but I'd had half an eye out because I knew Sean Pertwee was going to turn up at some stage and tonight was the night. So there was my darling boy, playing the standard bumbling village doctor, and I'm not quite sure the character was man enough for Emilia, but I suppose that was the point. James D'arcy was as pretty as ever, if somewhat doltish and ineffectual (only Miss M is allowed to have her wits about her) and rounding out the silly list of panto characters (I mean, Ken Russsell as the vicar?!) was Keef himself. Oh dear. If I tell you that Keef was the most undertstated and underplayed character you'll understand what a cringefest it was, like Midsomer on extreme acid, but never mind.

All I want to know was there the by heck was it filmed, I know that village so well from the 40+ years worth of Brit telly lining my shelves, but have no idea where it is. Somewhere close to a large film studio, I must presume.

So, yes, finally saw the Sean Pertwee episode of Miss Marple, for my sins (I recall much controversy on the list re its dubious qualities).

Much better was the Poirot I watched bits of on Saturday night which featured Patrick Baladi, amongst others. At least it was done sensibly and with sme sense of style.

But what you really want to know it what I thought of episode 4 of Life on Mars. This, I admit, I did watch in the wee hours twixt waking and voting.

Now lately I've been describing LOM S2 as being as much fun as a pre-sucked Sunnyboy, or maybe, more the point, an unfrozen one. Like Miss Marple it's too arch and too silly. I knew TRA would ruin it for me. All we get is the Ray and Chris show and the Annie and Sam show, which I did not want. What I want, what I was promised, I do not get at all: the Sam and Gene show. No, now it's the show where Sam and Gene barely ever meet.

This said, and probably because I was dreading this episode most of all, it hurst far less than I thought it would. And we did get to see Sam out of the leather jacket. In fact it was the full on Action Man suite here with PyjamaSam, TrackieSam and TennisSam. It was also a straight cop show, well, as straight as an episode about key parties can be, with no voices from beyond aside from SammyFlashbacks (tm) and at least we had some attempt at making the crime personally relevant to Sam, it just didn't really click.

Chris and Ray pratting about pretty much ruined the episode for me, ditto DominatrixAnnie, and as for Sam banging on endlessly about inventing surveillance, oh, do fuck off. They were lurking about in cars and vans in Special Squad - in 1969 - so do pipe down, Sam. They seem to have been struck by RTD disease and arrogantly assume the audience consists entirely of eight year olds who have no prior knowledge of experience of period cop shows (the opposite is true, you jerks). And, while I'm spitting chips here, eight year olds can still Wiki, you know. Hmph.

I mean, honestly. The Sweeney had episodes on computer hacking and cctv, so come off the 'I'll hide in the bushes with a walkie talkie whoo the future of policing' malarky. Please.

What I did like though was the funky 70s shag palace. Where on earth did they find that (though the set decoration folks sadly showed a restraint the fine folk over at Supernatural just don't, bless 'em)? It was like something out of Get Carter, which I suppose was exactly the idea. No indoor pool though. In the Sweeney and the Profs, there was always an indoor pool.

I also liked the bit where we could see poor Sam's gears grinding over trying to remember the name of Gordon Brown's wife. I had no idea so it was fun to see know-it-all Sam struggle as well. Though the whole calling himself Tony Blair was tacky. It was a cute joke when folks started using pop culture aliases ten or twenty years ago (as opposed to classical or literary ones) but now it's really old.

I did like Gene showing up with the hooker, and being carted off by that old cliche the really horny housewife (vintage cliches are go). I also cracked up over Gene telling Sam to stop smelling the poor dead woman's hair, and Gene threatening to punch any one for speaking French.

So it did amuse, it was better than most, but no Sam and Gene. You know, like teamed up, cop buddy wise. Pout. Sigh.

Oh, nearly forgot, also caught up on #12 of Heroes (thank you). It was funny because I was in the mood for Who but popped Heroes on instead but there's no escaping the meta because there was the Salford boy himself (another case of when world's collide and will the last actor left in Britain please turn out the lights), at first loitering with intent to overact in Pete's dreams (btw, Nate, perhaps best not to go the tongue when visiting little brother in hospital, at least, not in front of mother) and then actual live in the street invisible man stuff (hotdogs on fishing poles? I hope so!).

So that was hoopy fun, mainly because I've loved Chris long before the whole big blue box thing (one of my faves being Elizabeth, one of the few films where you can actually catch James Bond and Doctor Who in the same cast) and well, the Petrelli Brothers. Heh. Two for the price of one, you might say. And Hiro has grown on me quite a bit - geeky but without that real nastiness that so often inhabits the portayal of geeks on screen (tv writers and their esteem issues re negative portrayals of bookish outsiders on screen: discuss).

And now I realise I won't be posting the BNW tonight, either, because something has come up, and I forgot to set the recorder for Supernatural. Bugger.

Oh yes, and when they told me last week they wouldn't pay overtime but I could have time in lieu, well, guess what the answer was to my request for a much needed errands and stuff to do afternoon off? Bastards.
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