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I feel like that guy in Flying High (aka Airplane) as in "I picked the wrong week to go on a diet". I really, really did. This is not one of my best weeks, to be sure.

Well, firstly my profound apologies to the dear friend who was deeply offended by yesterday's entry. No disrepect was intended and it was merely my clumsing phrasing that confused the issue. I do try to proof what I post but I'm afraid tiredness and lateness of the hour take a toll on my limited abilities. The fault was mine and I own it. The additional mortification comes from the fact that I was trying to thank them for their kindness (not piss them off).

Ah well, (sh)it happens.

Mind you, the Kingdom currently known as United, must, I fear, take some of the heat, as my week long ordeal re trying to purchase a ticket to my Aunt is still not yet over. This has never been a problem before but they've changed their system, it won't take nasty foreign postcodes and several attempts to email and phone (at midnight, the 11 hour difference, it burns) resulted in me having to sit through an entire Spice Girls album on hold. That hurt, I gotta say. So yes, a certain degree of sleep deprivation I feel I might rightly lay at the feet of British Rail, at least. You bastards. (I mean, Spice Girls? Are they still a Geneva Convention signatory?)

Anyhoo, I shall instead turn Francophile as I cuddle up to my freshly arrived dvd of Le Ghost Squad which arrived very promptly via the Froggy version of Amazon. At last I get to see the last two episodes (which alas suffered such a CRC error that even the most tolerant of my machines spat it out). Ah, sweet Jonas angst, how I've missed you. Those Bobby Brady shirts? Not so much. And bonus Adrian Lester. I only watched #7 last night (oh, hello, sleep deprivation, my old friend, but I had to stay up anyway, see above) but it was fun.

In fact it's been such fun digging into or revisiting the back catalogues of the Hood gang. Really, delightful fun. I mean, with Mr Simm I had to sit through po faced crap like Sex Traffic, but with these boys I get Ghost Squad, Teachers, Hex, Gunpowder, Treason & Plot, Ultimate Force, North & South, etc. Half of which I already had, which really did amuse me over Xmas (you know your shelves are groaning under the weight of Brit telly when one doesn't have to go further than one's own room to hunt down the actor du jour). I am just loving this, just for an excuse to watch this stuff all over again, with new fangirlish eyes.

The French version of Ghost Squad (since I couldn't find it elsewhere and was delighted to find it somewhere) is perfectly fine once I switch to version anglaise, though they do helpfully caption all of Pete's text messages and even the graffitti, which had me tittering. I now know how to say 'Kelly is a slut' in French, which I'm sure will be of great use the next time I'm in Paris.

Ah, Paris. I'm not sure I could ever quite get so romatically worked up over French railway stations as old Claude Monet, but watching The Impressionists last night with the oh so dishy Richard Armitage was another utter delight. (See? So much fun and it proves these boys can do good work elsewhere - it's not their fault). Yes, it's ridiculously genteel and skips over all the, shall we say, gossip mag bits, which is a pity, but RA is so earnest and charming I can forgive it nearly anything (though, as I said last week, a HBO version would not go amiss).

Ultimate Force meanwhile inexplicably skipped an episode (last night I was sitting there going 'huh?' but I double checked online and yes, they did) so suddenly we've got RA going the tongue with Pete's wife, and I know Brit series don't mess about, being of such short duration, but it made him an even faster mover, as he didn't even know she existed last week. Damn, and he was so purty in Wannabes. Sigh.

So that was my night, lots of unmitigated drooling (but I was tired and grumpy and I did labour through my viewing on Friday, Sunday & Monday - I hear they call that multi-tasking).

Part deux of Ghost Squad may have to wait though because tonight, if I can remember, I get let out in time and I can be arsed (I am really, really fragged) I have a pre-purchased ticket to something I booked months ago and today I opened up my diary and saw it there and thought oh sh...I mean, yay?

We'll see how we go.

Update: Argh. So not a good day. No air cond, stupid bosses, no mags, no lunch, no buses, no bus timetable and could that SkyOne Hex gallery be any more unweildly?

I will spare you the pic of Sam in EvilPriest mode, but, well, heh.
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