mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,


Briefly, very, as Dell Boy is really whining again re being hot and bothered:
- the gardening is called on account of rain. Yay. Though delegating it last week left several plants very unhappy, including my most beloved lavender. I had to prune a third (please let that have helped) and spent an hour plucking the leaves. Am now very lavendery.
- am off to watch more sexy Sam in Hex. I can't believe I actually found that on dvd when The Sweeney and Callan elluded me. Still, what I really wanted was Sam, and if I known standing in front of the video shelf and metaphorically stamping my foot like a child would grant my wish, I'd do it more often.
- fic? Well, maybe, but it'll prolly be wall to wall Muchness, especially as it's Sam's eppy of Gunpowder tonight. Squee.
- last night's Spooks - good thing UKTV had just finished playing S3 or I'd be going "Danny who?" Long time between drinks. Bad ABC. But pretty, pretty Rupert (and I can't believe he's the spawn of the dotty friiend from To The Manor Born. Never).

Later...Dell Boy needs his sleep. And I need my Sam.
Tags: sam troughton, spooks

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