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Another black armband day today as we mourn the loss of Gambit, and it is a loss, even if The New Avengers was one of the lesser series of The Avengers.

Never again will I be able to rip into Gambit's tastes (lime green!) again with quite such elan.

However much I miss Gambit, though, and I do, I must admit I'm not feeling terribly black armbandy today. It's a lovely day, the wretched cloud of the last week has finally lifted and I spent lunchtime running around checking stuff off my scroll sized to-do list, which always makes me feel grown up and accomplished, even if it's just remembering to post this or pay that.

I also scored some ancient Jonas squeeage magazine wise. What you call back issues we call the latest issue thanks to the slow boats via China. Got one more magazine to hunt down now, but I was well pleased to get that Jonas piccie I had drooled over in mere icon form till now (though you wouldn't think I liked the boy if you knew what I did to the boy, ficwise, well, that prat Robin, at any rate).

It's also been an odd day on account of having multiple obligations but I stuck with the political activism which I had promised months back. Besides, it's important, even if it means nowt but a hill o'beans in the grand scheme of things, etc, etc. At least I'll be able to say I went down fighting.

Btw, this review of Hot Fuzz amused me.

Tv last night consisted of one new/old Top Gear that had me rolling about in giggles, and the Brothers Petrelli actually gettin' some screen time on Heroes.

But must go. Tis late and there's still much to do. You know what they say about wickedness and workloads.
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